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  1. Thanks for the response. I figured that was the case, but with so many variables and formulas, it's like nailing jello to the wall. Time will tell, and it seems so far out, but also know it will pass quickly.
  2. I currently have 2 TL's (totaling $43K) that are due to fall off of my credit reports in 8/2021, both are out of SOL. What expectations should I have about my credit score when they do? All other payments are up to date, credit ratio is good, minimal inquiries and no judgements or BK.
  3. I have the Credit Reports from this CRA dating back to 6/18/2015, which at that time showed a charge off from a particular OC. This in theory would say that the DOFD would be in or around 12/2014, and the credit reporting termination date would be sometime in 2021. In subsequent reports from the same CRA and creditor, the "look-back" data indicated ND (or No Data) and a new "charge-off" date, which extended the credit reporting termination date. I have 7 credit reports after the 6/18/15, each showing no previous data, each showing a "fresh" charge-off and each pushing out the credit reporting time. No payments, promises to pay or even the questionable contact has been established with the OC or any of their hired hands to collect. It is my understanding that this particular OC, does not sell their debts, rather hold onto them and allegedly blacklist those (hint hint). My bank records indicate that my last payment was 10/16/2014 and I live in PA, which puts this one out of statute. The problem is that they continue to re-age the account and the most recent report says that the reporting termination date is now out to 6/2025 (11 years after the last payment). I plan to dispute the CRA, however not sure of which part of the FCRA to reference.
  4. Is an original creditor required to report the Date of First Deliquency to all CRA's when a derogatory is reported (i.e. charge-off)?
  5. Should I request a Consumer Disclosure file as well? Or are they considered the same thing?
  6. TU and EQ are both showing "On report until 8/2021", however EX continues to "move out" every month. As of my last EX report 10/2018, the "on report date until" is 6/2025. They seem to be posting a negative on my report every month for deliquent, but that shouldn't change the DOFD.
  7. After reviewing and heeding some of the great suggestions on this site, I've come to an impasse. Checking all three CR's, I've noticed Amex has reported the DOFD on Equifax as 9/1/14, which by most criteria means it would fall off of my CR on or about 9/1/21. However, upon checking the same CL in Experian, it appears to moving out every month. I've had zero contact with Amex since 2014, and have not inadvertently or knowingly re-set, or agreed to anything. Would this mean they are re-aging my account to purposely extend their reporting time? It seems squirrelly to me. What's the best course of action to go from here?