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  1. I'm going through something very similar. A JDB added a collection to all three of my credit reports. My credit is good with no late payments or collections, aside from this one. This 'ding' brought my credit score down considerably. I'm amazed that a JDB or collection agency can add a collection account to a credit report, no matter how erroneous the information may be, without being required to adequately prove the information reported is accurate. Consumers are completely at their mercy. If someone is about to apply for a mortgage or an auto loan, they're forced to strike a deal with the devil to have the information removed. It's coercion.
  2. This forum walked me through the steps of handling a Midland lawsuit a few years ago. Because everyone was such a great help, I thought this would be the right place to obtain some more advise. I hired an attorney a few weeks ago to respond to a complaint I was served with from a law office representing a JDB. I've known my attorney for years, so I'm not being taken to the cleaners. I just don't have the time I knew I'd need to manage this on my own. A small part of me also thought a response coming from my attorney would send a message that I'm prepared to fight. Just so you know, the amount they claim I owe is around $6.500. My attorney and I met today and went over the response he prepared. Although I asked him to add an arbitration clause as a defense, he left this out because he felt I should avoid arbitration because the agreement stated the party they ruled against would be responsible for all arbitration and attorney's costs. In his opinion, if this turns into anything, it's better to keep it in civil court. What are the arguments for and against using an arbitration clause as a defense? Do JDBs typically want to avoid going to arbitration? Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. A junk debt buyer (JDB) added a collection to my three credit reports a few months ago. The original creditor they're listing is an online entity I received a loan through. However, the loan agreements were between a different company and me. If that's not bad enough, the amount they claim I owe is completely fabricated... and they're raising it each month with interest and fees. I disputed this account with all three credit bureaus. It was verified within a month. What is the best way to dispute a collection on a credit report based on a JDB's standing? I'm not sure how I can effectively challenge this when all the JDB has to do is claim the information is accurate.
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