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  1. The problem I have with divulging too much information on public forums is that I have read stories where JDB's will troll forums and fabricate info/documents. When I sent the notice to them that electing arbitration, I initialled the letter - I did not sign it. NO WAY was I going to provide my full signature in case they did not have it. The same way I will not say the word "Yes" on phone calls with them. There have been more reports on the news where scammers will take a recording of the persons voice saying "Yes" and use it to create fake recordings of them agreeing to various things. I'm v
  2. When I was researching mistaken identity instances with debt collectors, this is one of 5 or more I happened across - then there were instances listed in several other reports pertaining to the major lawsuit out of the northeast.
  3. I was not aware of this until I had papers stuck on my door that I was being sued. Since then, I have focused only on dealing with the court case. Once served, I jumped online and began to research - I was not going to contact them not knowing what would forfeit my right to arbitrate. They should KNOW they have the wrong person, I'm sure they do. They were probably hoping I would do what the majority does and not show up, not respond. I even went so far as to only initial the notice to elect arbitration letter to them for fear of them using my signature before court. You hear things
  4. I've read too many reports about these guys fabricating info. I have received two pieces of info that look like they've been photo copied and used a gazillion times. I just really want it over and will be taking care of things on my end to try and make myself "identity theft" "mistaken identity" proof. Once I slay my own dragon, I'll figure out how to attack the bigger beast. So glad your day in court was MUCH better than you anticipated. I've already filed everything with JAMS - they and the courts know they didn't respond in 20 days - so I'm hoping my case is just put out of it's m
  5. I know I'm more than likely WAY overthinking the whole thing - but it's freaked me out pretty bad since the day I was served. I was NOT expecting that in any way. My husband and I are very frugle and financially responsible. We have 2 credit cards, 0 balance. We have our home (on a 15 yr and will be paid off in 5 more), a vacation lake cottage that is 100% paid. We have two vehicles (an 06 and an 07, both are great shape, and paid for. We owe NOTHING outside of our primary property, a couple of student loans I have and THIS thing. If we want something, we save, work overtime and pay cash.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I have NEVER had any dealings with court, EVER, outside of a divorce many years ago.
  7. I just spoke with JAMS and it made me feel more confident knowing I've covered all my bases. I'll just wait it out and let them make the next move then decide what to do.
  8. I have filed with JAMS and just to be 100% certain that everything is in perfect order, I called them and I am totally confirmed and legit. In fact they are sending me a letter I can print to keep with my records indicating I have taken care of my full responsibility just so that I am prepared should I need proof/validation. I'm feeling a bit more confident now. I'm an extremely organized, calculated and by-the-book kind of person - uncertainty makes me edgey. I'll not pursue any action with the court at the moment. I've got my bases covered and that's good enough for me right now.
  9. I assume it's an "order" I attached a copy paper says Administrative Event (The Court gives Plaintiff twenty (20) days to file a written response to the Defendant's 09/12/2017 Motion to Compel Private/Contractual Arbitration and Dismiss or in the Alternative, to Stay Proceedings Pending Arbitration.)
  10. I am a little stressed over the unknowing I suppose. I've read a couple of other experiences here in Indiana where PRA played games by not following through and months later, the person found themselves back on the hot plate. Should I email the attorney - point out their lack of response per the court order and see if I can't negotiate a dismiss with prejudice, remove tradelines, no 1099 in exchange I will drop arbitration? It's my understanding that attempting to negotiate a settlement won't harm my case, is that correct? I'd just like there to be some finality to this so I can clear my
  11. I just checked again on the court website - still no response. Here are the Indiana Rules that I understand to apply ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Rule 37. Failure to make or cooperate in discovery: Sanctions (B) Failure to comply with order. (2) Sanctions by court in which action is pending. If a party or an officer, director, or managing agent of a party or an organization, including a governmental organization, or a person designated under Rule 30(B)(6) or 31(A) to testify on behalf of a party or an organization, including
  12. But that's just it, they have NOT dismissed it yet. They were to file BY yesterday, they did not. The only thing I have saying they are dismissing is a one sentence email to JAMS and myself that this matter is to be dismissed without prejudice. They have not finalized anything - they did not respond to the 20 day court order to file written response.