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  1. One last question re bill of particulars. I've read everything I can find on it here in the forum, but still have a question. I'm serving it with a proof of service. Do I: 1) send original pos to plaintiff or a copy of the pos to plaintiff; 2) send original demand for bill of particulars or a copy to the plaintiff? Thank you.
  2. Can I be more specific or is it best to keep it a general request? There are specific things I would like which I could request through discovery, but I like the fact that a BOP is conclusive. Please advise.
  3. I am writing my Demand for Bill of Particulars and I am wondering what to put here: "...setting forth the items and details of the account on which the cause of action for ________________________________ of plaintiff's complaint is based..." In the Complaint, the first cause of action was a credit loan and the second cause of action was book account for goods sold and delivered or services rendered. Thanks in advance.
  4. In reply to firsthardcheese, I am in California. I read the local court website regarding arbitration and it seems as though the plaintiff is the only one who has the option to initiate the request for arbitration. Any further information would be appreciated.
  5. Hello. I had a loan with Springleaf. I became seriously ill and lost my job. I had to move in with my adult daughter. Springleaf charged off the debt, but jdb Cach, LLC picked it up and have filed suit. My question is this: My contract with Springleaf had an arbitration clause in it. Does that clause apply to Cach, LLC too? I have filed an Answer and received an order to produce and interrogatories. I'm trying to proceed cautiously. By the way, before Springleaf charged the debt off, they asked why I missed two payments. I told them the situation and they said not to worry, they were going to charge it off and not collect. Probably doesn't make a difference because I cannot prove they made that statement.
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