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  1. Have anyone invested in any cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, Ripple, ETH, etc? What's your experience? profit or loss? please share if you wish. I invested on BTC and suffered a pretty much loss than I ever gained. I want to ask, should I withdraw my money back or I should wait for the BTC price to hike again?
  2. I'm not much into liquors. But I love red wines. Will try white some day. But red has many health benefits. So I drink it proudly.
  3. Really sounds good. like 'Cheap Thrills'
  4. It's very old post. But can I know the status... For how long you kept it for aging? and for how much you sold it?
  5. Yes, You can find it online now. It's also available in stores in California. My friend told.
  6. I'm not much into liquors. But I like Red wine. It also has many benefits.
  7. I deleted it. I used to spend much time on facebook. Time to focus on building career.
  8. Keep posting and help others, it'll rank accordingly..
  9. Hii Ethan! Welcome to the community.
  10. Since, I haven't changed my position. And the law in AZ is known to be the law. It seems like court here isn't bound to follow it as it doea not being challenged, so I go along with what works.
  11. This is really helpful. You have given such nice explanation for the whole procedure. Thanks a lot for the help!
  12. Yes, it wouldn't make any such difference as one may not prove that they have made that statement.