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  1. You can try to find some errors in the reporting, dates not matching from bureau to bureau, credit limit not showing or incorrect, balances not showing or incorrect, open date not showing or incorrect, close date not showing or incorrect, etc. You can dispute those in writing with the CRA, they’ll most likely verify it and you can send dispute directly with the OC so they can provide you with verification of the reporting using the 623 Method. You can also follow up with the CRA with a MOV letter and see if that works. The debts are yours and i’d try to pay them and settle them to avoid
  2. Threaten me all you want. I’m not going to be limited by a moderator that feels his personal feelings got hurt and is going to ban me when I haven’t violated any of the site rules or policies. If this is the community you are looking to build then go ahead and establish the precedent that if someone dares to go against a moderator and hurt their feelings they’ll get banned. You have been proven to be incorrect in multiples things that you have said but instead of acknowledging it, you take your rank and try to take the insults approach since you know you can get away with it because you
  3. 1. Again, more speculations with absolutely zero basis. 2. There is a HUGE difference with wanting to improve your credit within 1-2 months or improve your credit period. Once you pay that CO then it's nearly impossible to remove. 3. I`ll refer the OP to you when he pays off a $1800 CO and doesn't get a 40-50pts increase and comes back asking how to improve his credit. 4. Who in their right mind would ask to be placed as an AU on someone with irresponsible expending habits? NO ONE. That is a horrible assumption that the OP won't be able to properly vet who they'd ask? Seriousl
  4. Actually, @Shiva go to Experian.com and sign up for their trial services (free for 7 days). Go to the Score Simulator and click on "pay delinquent balances off" and type in the amount you are paying, in this case $1800, and see what the simulator tells you. That should give you a much better idea than what anyone here can try to estimate.
  5. I think we also should concentrate in providing likely alternate options and avoid absolute facts that are in fact not absolutes. "Likely", "maybes", "hopefully" is what we are after. If we approach credit repair with this "You are doomed" mentality and "nothing works anymore" then we would get nowhere. I was cautions and was prepared to absorb the risks of any possible consequences with my approach and it paid off, with more than a single nut. So I'm a happy squirrel. The OP is financially capable of any burden this situation might bring. If it goes into collection, he gets the collect
  6. what’s wrong with failing? Just move on to the next strategy.
  7. You know I meant tradeline and you know its an autocorrect typo 🤦‍♂️ All these 'facts' have been disproven. I have been previously sued by OCs and all the original tradelines remained on the credit file. Another bank sued directly and the tradeline remained. The latest as recent as last month which I won in court. Whether it is by luck, due process, strategy or by "being special", success is measured by results. And the results have spoken for themselves: 632 to 745 in about 6 months. The one thing that has not worked for me is the "that no longer works" mentality. If the OP has the fina
  8. Good piece if Information about the contracts. Re- read my posts. Nowhere do I state this was a result of any letters sent by me.
  9. The only prediction so far that has fallen flat on its face so far is you predicting that MOV letters won't do anything and best thing I did was not listen to that advice. Chargeoff was removed from all 3 CRAs after sending MOV letters.
  10. There are not. Also, your "No one does PFD anymore" is exactly the same type of statement you are ranting about. This type of statement is the worst possible thing you can tell someone that's attempting to fix their credit. Credit is the epitome of YMMV. A better response is "PFD success rate has decreased to nearly zero, especially when dealing with an OC but you don't loose anything giving it a try", versus pushing the OP to completely even consider the PFD approach. So the credibility would be much higher with someone that has dealt with it and has had very good success with PFD with both C
  11. My score didn't go up 130+ pts to 746 by having a binary mindset. There's not just a two possible outcomes for every situation. If the OP can get financed/approved for an urgent need with their score going from 600 to 610-630 then go for it. Otherwise the OP is wasting $1800 for no good reason. The best approach would be to ignore this and let time heal the wound especially when the OP's credit is already 600 and a debt from 2016 which day by day gets closer to the SOL expiring.
  12. Citi removed my tradeline when it was sold to a JDB. I have also had great success with PFD with collection agencies.
  13. Can you provide details of what type of accounts are they? collections? Credit cards? charge offs etc...
  14. I'd wait for the account to be sent off to a collection company or JDB and negotiate with them a PFD unless you are in an urgency to get a 10-20 pts increase.
  15. QUICK UPDATE: I sent a Notice of Election to Arbitrate letter to the JDB, and 2 days letters sent the MOV letter to the 3 CRAs. Just got a notification from Experian that my credit went up. After checking the reports, the trade-in was removed from all 3 CRAs. Credit went from 685 to 746! 😍