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  1. I have been in the low to mid 500'a for what seemed to be an eternity. After many years, things started aging out and off my reports including a repo and some collections. All that was left was a small collection for (2019 was date of last on time payment) $450 from Capital One assigned to Portfolio Recovery Associates and a charge off from Bridgecrest Auto Loans ($299) and also 2019 was date of last on time payment. I settled with Portfolio and they updated it as paid for less. They 1st reported the activity as paid for less, and reported a $90 balance, then a week later updated it to paid settled for less with $0 balance. They sent me a letter they will delete the item in 30 days. That being said, I applied for a Discover secured card and was accepted. I deposited $1,000. I was shocked today when my scores on average went up 190 points!! I now have a 696 score on all 3 with just these 3 items reporting. Should I pay off the remaining charge off of $299 and apply for another secured card like open sky or what should be my next move?
  2. Hi, and thank you. My credit score = 551 middle 0 active tradelines 0 tradelines reporting 1 closed account (charge off by Bridgecrest Auto Loan in the amount of $299) in 2019. Balance showing at $299. 1 collection (that is NOT showing on my credit report). This was a Capital One Charge Off for $443 and it was being reported on my credit report BUT it has recently fell off of all 3 reports ON ITS OWN. The collection company (Portfolio Recovery Assets) is NOT reporting this as a collection and they bought the account in Jan of 2021. Long story short the only line item I have on my credit report is the $299 charge off (no recent credit inquiries). Since the amount is so small, will there be any benefit to paying it off? Also, so I pay off the outstanding collection even though it is not being reported on my credit report? My plan is to try and apply for 2 secured cards (and 1 credit builder loan) to see if I can boost my scores into the 600's but want to know if I should handle these items 1st.
  3. Hi, I had a car repossession in 2014. The account was opened on 2013. The last payment shown on my credit report is 07/2014 (I believe that this is a payment they applied after they sold the car). The account shows closed on March 2014. There has never been a judgement filed or any other collection activity that I am aware of (no collections on my reports). The last balance reported was on that is 07/2018 (almost 2 years ago). Would this be falling off my credit sometime in 2020? Should I dispute this account after July 2020 or just let it be. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Also, I did not answer your original question. I do not remember any other bank being involved, I believe Santander is the original and only creditor.
  5. Thank you!! I though it was 10 years in IL (time they have to sue). Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
  6. Hi, new to the forum, thank you to all of you for so much information. I have a repo on my reports from Santander USA. I have a question regarding how it is being reported on my reports (all 3 big ones). It does not show up as a collection account. It shows up as so (attached image). It shows a balance that seems to be increasing. I have received no attempts to collect either by phone or mail. I do not remember receiving anything from them after I picked up my belongings when the car was repo'd. Any ideas if I should try to negotiate a settlement or leave as is until its scheduled fall off date of 2020? My scores right now have rebounded about 60 points each as some public records no longer appear, so I am at 575 across the board and I was just approved for a small line of credit which I will use wisely to raise my scores. After going to cash for everything, I only have this account and my current Auto payment account on my report - nothing else! Crazy after all these years.
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