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  1. Interesting. So I don't even need to raise my counter claims in the motion to compel arbitration? That was my next question as I fill this thing out. Any good templates? Although I guess all I need is one paragraph.
  2. Fair enough, although that was the initial issue from the beginning -- they messed up my account and falsely reported. I basically refused to pay until they fixed it. So it turns out I finally read the arbitration provision and it's awesome. Basically limits my costs to local court filing fee (I think that's $120) and they pay all the rest, including appeals etc. So I'll stick with arbitration to delay/negotiate/etc. Seems like a waste of time but right now they won't even negotiate, I guess that will change once I actually file an answer.
  3. I forget but some time in late 2016. Like November.
  4. I have offered to pay the full amount -- minus interest and late charges -- for many months (if they deleted all trade lines). AMEX wouldn't do it.
  5. The counterclaim isn't based on FDCPA, it's based on standard state law claims. I get that they can arbitrate and it's a flat fee lawyer -- which is why I was considering pursuing all claims in regular court. Probably 90% of the people don't even answer the complaint, right? My goal is not to avoid payment, it's to pay a reasonable amount and delete trade lines. Anyway, I think if I pursue standard litigation their costs would be much higher thus more leverage to negotiate, correct?
  6. I live in DC and got sued by AMEX over an unpaid credit card bill. Standard form letter complaint just received. I have counterclaims against AMEX for reporting incorrectly, etc. and other errors which led to the dispute (30k+). The law firm requested bench trial. I don't want to hire a lawyer but I am a lawyer although non-practicing. I feel like my best options are to go balls to the wall and file the counterclaim, demand jury trial, etc. This certainly will up their costs considerably. Mostly I want to settle but it's crucial to me that all credit report negatives are removed. Other option is arbitration per the credit card agreement. That makes things a little more informal, but i have more more upfront for an arbitrator. Thoughts?