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  1. To Harry Seaward: Thanks for the info...sigh. Man this getting a nose job **** is gonna take a long freakin' time with me constantly having to be face to face with people all damn day until months and months from now (more than likely years), I might eventually get this done. Damn. Oh well, I'm a part time job now and interviewing for a little second job. Guess I'm just gonna have to power through this for like a year and a half or so (I would think it wouldn't take longer than that).
  2. To Harry Seaward: Yes I check my credit report for free all the time. Yes, the collection is on my credit report and it's about 6 months old or so. No, the probation fees are just probation fees, they have nothing to do with my credit report/score. And finally, I don't have any kind of credit score right now. When I do get a secured credit card(s) here in a month or so once I get the money (you have to put at least like $200 down on any secured card I think), it will be the first actual credit history I've had (minus the collection of course and a few hard inquires).
  3. To Clydesmom: As far as the cash vs. financing option, I'm not sure because I don't know which doctor to go with yet. I can tell you that I live in El Dorado, KS and in the midwest, they're all about $5000 a piece in total. Other than that, it will more than likely be a place in Wichita, KS (Wichita is the biggest city in KS). I do not have health insurance so that is not an option (I've heard people say that before too). I've also heard people say you should try and get the collection deleted but unfortunately this is Westar Energy that is behind the collection and the company that they go through (Central States Recover) to do the collection is indeedy not going to delete the collection once I pay it off, it will just have to be a paid in full collection that will be there until it goes away after so long (I think the paid in full ones eventually go away). Yes, obviously I don't want to go to jail so paying off probation is a priority as well. And finally, yes, that is a good idea to start a secured card asap. Maybe even two, while I'm paying off the probation and collection?
  4. Nose Job/Rhinoplasty: The Best Way I am in desperate need of a nose job and have been needing one for years. I'm just now focusing on getting my credit score/report in line because I realize that's basically the only way to do it. My nose has caused me a lot of anxiety/depression problems in the past and I'm finally trying my best to do something about it. I'm currently paying off all my debt and then plan on building my credit score with a some credit cards (like two maybe) until my score is high enough to get approved for CareCredit (which is a medical credit card that covers cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty). I am just wondering what kind of tips & tricks anyone could possibly offer me to get this done the fastest way possible! I currently have some probation fees to pay off (like $480 or so) and a collection from Westar Energy on my credit report that I need to pay in full (about the same, $480 something) before I really focus on getting a credit card(s) and paying them off to build my credit enough to apply for CareCredit, for then to finally get the nose job surgery done. So that's my full situation right now. Any advise is welcome!
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