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  1. I wouldn't even bring it to common sense. More of an elaborate attempt to collect on a debt they know they can "legally" get away with by simply switching account numbers and OC's.
  2. The first time PRA attempted to collect no they did not. The recent letter from Cap1 states they sold it to PRA. PRA is now claiming Citi as OC.
  3. Appreciate the input. Should I include the old letters of PRA not pursuing as well or just the fraud report?
  4. A retail credit card was fraudulently opened in my name. I don't know if this is zombied or if this bait and switch or even legal for that matter. I'll do my best to explain . Cap1 hired PRA in 2016 and 2017 and got a couple collection letters from them. They listed HSBC as the OC, Cap1 as the current creditor and then the retailer. Sent off all my info proving it was fraud and got the standard letter from PRA stating that they will no longer pursue collections, removed from CRA's, and given back to OC. Well Cap1 and PRA both dropped off my credit report. Fast forward to the current day and I recently got another letter from PRA. The OC that they listed was Citi, had a different account number, but asking the same amount as the old 2016/2017 letter naming HSBC and Cap1. Now Cap1 and PRA are back on my credit report again for the same amount that they claim I owe Citi . Citi is not on my credit report. From my understanding Citi owned the retail card, then was sold to HSBC, then sold to Cap1. Then half were bought back by Citi. It's a bit complex to follow who sold and bought what as far as solid dates and the best info I can gather at this point. This is just waaaay too coincidental. Same dollar amount, different account and OC named after I get a letter stating they'll no longer pursue then Cap1 and PRA show up on my credit report again. Can some explain what this falls under?
  5. I'm pretty sure one of these debts has an arbitration agreement in it. Next problem I face is getting the Original Agreement. In my state simply showing payments where made is enough to show an agreement and the contract isn't even needed for evidence. I believe there was a post that had a website where you could find contracts to every loan do you happen to know what I'm talking about @BV80
  6. Maybe I'm missing what your telling me. That would put an end to phone calls, emails, and letters unless of course the attorney/firm wanted to get nailed on violations but I don't see them being that stupid. Even after that they could claim I sent them an empty envelope which has happened in the past during my second law suite they brought against me. Not to mention it'll for sure lead to one law suite after another. There's gotta be something I can do to hold them accountable for their actions.
  7. I've noticed from reading this forum and personal experience that when a dispute is started with the three major bureaus, creditors 99% of the time will come after you in litigation if you live in a major/large metropolitan area. I can only speculate at this time and fully believe that this debt collectors stalking. Here is what is happening to me personally at this time. The particular debt collector who will call "Voldemort the bitter Attorney" has litigated against me twice now and has lost both times. Now Voldemort the bitter Attorney is back attacking me with some new debt that has been through literally 8 other collection offices and surprise, surprise, Voldemort the bitter Attorney has cast his magic and verified the debt when the lesser collection agencies could not. Another interesting fact, Voldemort the bitter Attorney has pulled my credit or someone from the collection law firm he works for has. All jokes a side seems this attorney is indeed bitter about losing. After looking at my credit report and noticed his firm had pulled my credit and has specifically obtained debts that other collection agencies couldn't verify but somehow he could is a bit too ironic. Is this some kind of form of harassment? No FDCPA rules that I'm aware have been broken so what options do I have available? Quick side note; I've cleaned my credit all but one bogus item that has shown up. This marks the 4th collection letter this agency has sent this month with each one containing a different debt that has been eliminated from my credit.
  8. @ BackFromTheDebt, thank you, that's good to know. @HarrySeaward On my credit report it does indeed show both the OC and the JDB. In the notes for the OC account it reads "sold to another lender". Both appeared on March 26 2018. Bureaus received my dispute on Friday March, 30, 2018. Police Report, FTC Affidavit/ID Theft Form, and DV will be sent to OC, JDB, and both collection agencies certified mail latter today.
  9. Thanks BV80. Guess I wasn't typing what I was thinking all that good. So here is what I'll be doing, 1. Police Report 2. Letter to OC, JDB, and CA's with attached police report and ID Theft form from FTC. I guess this is DV in a way. My last question is in the letter obviously let them know its fraudulent however, can I tell them they got so many days to respond?
  10. Yes that is correct. Well might as well have fun with this then. Seeing how this is bogus, should I skip the DV and give them a time limit to respond or is there a legal time limit on letting them know it's fraud and they'll have 30 days to respond?
  11. The collection agency letters refer to the same OC and JDB. Collector #1 list original account number with their reference/file number. Collector #2 only list a reference/file number. I am 100% certain I never had this credit card. Popped up on my credit report a month ago, which to my surprise came back verified. Roughly 14 days latter I have two collection agencies attempting to collect a bogus debt.
  12. Got the letters literally five days apart. May 10, 2018 and today May , 15 2018. Do I list the account number thats on the credit report or just the creditors name for the police report?
  13. Disputed it with the bureaus came back verified of course. Credit report shows both the JDB and who they claim is the OC reporting. Planned on sending a DV to both collection agencies and possibly a 623 or FOIA with who the JDB is claiming the OC to be tomorrow. Just not sure if this is the right process.
  14. So this is something I haven't come across and don't know if it's common practice. I have two collection notifications for a credit card I never owned in my life. What I'm curious about is if this is even legal business practice. In short, a JDB hired two collection agencies to collect on a credit card that I never owned. The settlement offers are different but the total balance they are attempting to collect is same. Do I have a case and if so what are my options?