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  1. @Goody_Ouchless not exactly ouchless reply but definitely appreciated. Thanks. And @wernda1234 to the Ts and C's they are part of exhibit C, but I haven't read through them yet. Nor did I attach it. If what goody says is true then why attempt at arbitration? Isnt it more difficult to win there where the rules for addmitance of evidence is relaxed?
  2. I recieved a motion for summary judgement and am unsure how to reply, I know that the affidavit of the plaintiff is complete and total heresay, because how could she have any knowledge of how any of the original creditors docs were made. The bill of sale is inconlusive because it does not specifically mention and account in my name, and references some forward flow recieveable agreement I'm a little puzzled on what comments I can make about the validity of the affidavit of sale of account by creditor, other than it doesn't mention any specific accounts and also mentions the forward flow thing