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  1. Thank you so much! I thought as much, but just wanted to double check. I appreciate it!
  2. I received a stipulation discontinuing action. And the law firm asked me to sign the three copies and return to them. I had been sued by Barclays Bank in NYC and settled with them during the pre-trial hearings. I just want to make sure it is okay to sign and doesn't somehow open me up to further action by them? Just super paranoid. I'd normally go to Queens County CLARO (Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office), but they are closed due to COVID. Here is what the stipulation says. I understand the words of it, and what it means, I just worry, maybe unnecessarily.
  3. Yea, I'm going to call again a little closer to the date of the actual hearing and see what is up. Thank you all for the help!
  4. It's for a hearing. Essentially to meet with the plaintiff and a CLARO (the Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office) attorney who will assist in the pre-trial (because they can't represent you in trial). So in the morning I go, speak with the CLARO attorney (whose offices are closed so I would have to do this on my own, but in the other debt case this is how it went), they look at my papers, we see what the plaintiffs are offering settlement wise, we make a decision, they may have me file motion for discovery, etc. and essentially push it to go to the point where they would need to produce a wi
  5. I'm trying to figure out if I need to appear? This is what our civil court page posts. But I'm scheduled to appear before the court on May 11, 2020. The only thing I had done for this case is file an answer, it would have been the first time I appeared in court for this case. I think that means it would be post-poned because it's technically not on trial? But I also don't want to accidentally cause a judgement against me. I haven't received a postcard yet, and some parts of the site say they will send out postcards with new dates after resuming normal business. I'm going to call to double-chec
  6. Go to Kings County CLARO! Their meeting times and info are below. Go to them this Thursday, they are volunteer attorneys who help with civil suits in NYC. They helped me with two of my cases (one with Cavalry). They usually recommend NOT settling in NYC with a JDB because NYC is a very consumer-friendly in this aspect. Times: Thursday 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Location: Kings County Civil Courthouse 141 Livingston Street
  7. Went to CLARO today and they helped me submit my answer. Once I get my court date, I'll head back. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
  8. I'm guessing you mean in court? Crazily, speaking in front of a judge terrifies me most (maybe even more than clowns). When I was reading about arbitration in the post from the comment by BV80, it seemed like arbitration might make a JDB drop it altogether. Thank you for the advice on the Queens County CLARO. I may change it to that. I was trying to do it sooner because I'm concerned they'll try and say they left it sooner, or directly with me. The annoying thing is I can't see when the clock started ticking, because I was gone, so I don't know when they dropped it off. If we go by the da
  9. You're right, thank you I changed it! I don't know where I got 4 from, probably my hopes and dreams. Would I file this with the court instead of the Answer of General Denial, or with it? It looks like they have elected JAMS in their agreement which is good based on the link you sent me! Thankfully I looked up a card member agreement that was on the internet archive page snapshot from 2016, and this is what they had to say about arbitration. RESOLVING A DISPUTE WITH ARBITRATION PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY. IF YOU DO NOT REJECT IT, THIS SECTION WILL APPLY TO YOUR ACCOUNT, AND
  10. I was away visiting my parents for about 10 days, and came back to find this under my door and in my mail (it was postmarked the 25th, I left on the 22nd). I live in NYC. I've been scouring the internet since I came back as to what I can do, and I'm at a loss, scared, worried, and stressed. I have 30 days to go to the court since it wasn't delivered to me by hand. I took the day off to go on Tuesday in case I go to the Civil Court to submit my answer. Basically, should I settle? I don't have the funds to, and don't know if that will stop everything. Do I submit a General Denial? Any advic
  11. Was there any update to how this was resolved? I recently received a similar letter, and was curious how this worked out for you.