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  1. Thanks for responses. I am grateful for that. Here is some clarifying information: 1) My son IS STILL covered by my health insurance policy. However, there is not record with my insurance company (Anthem) that they were engaged for a claim. Is that relevant? 2) I am actually uncertain of the date of service. I will get clarification somehow, but I am reluctant to contact the CA based on what debtzapper said above.
  2. Hello, I am being pursued (one letter, one voice mail) by a collection agency in CA called Cedar Financial. The bill is for about $1700 from medical services provider that my adult son must have used. My son and I have been estranged for almost two years (he turned 18 this past April). He lives with his mother in CA while I live in VA outside Wash, DC. Neither he nor his mother (with whom I have been divorced for 4 years) communicate with me. I had no participation in the medical transaction, and know nothing of the services provided. The date of service if from after his 18th birthday. When a minor, his mother had primary custody of him in CA, although we had joint legal custody even though we lived 3000 miles apart. Obviously the collection agency is having difficulty extracting the money from my ex wife, so they somehow found me in VA and sent me that letter. I called them and told them the circumstances, that is, the estrangement between me and son and ex. I explained to the agency that whatever the circumstances, his mother almost certainly arranged for medical services on behalf of my son. I told the credit agency that I do not intend to pay this bill and don't believe I am obligated to. The credit agency did not seem to have my ex's contact information. I provided them a PO Box in CA. I communicated to them that I do not know her physical address (ex refuses to tell me where she and son live). I do provide spousal support for ex, but not son any longer now that he is an adult. I send checks directly to her bank. Anyway, the agency called me back today. They left a message saying it is important that I return their call. I don't want to return their call as I feel I have no obligation to them. However, I am not sure what I should do. Do I need to get back to them? I provided the only information to them that I had (the PO box). What is my responsibility and what are my rights here? Can they say I am obligated to pay and therefore make me pay or else destroy my credit? I would be grateful for any insights. Sorry for the long post, and I look forward to hearing back from people. Thank you!