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  1. The entire way there my heart was thumping. But it's done. My 341 is December 27.
  2. I closed the accounts, so it doesn't matter now. Thanks!
  3. From what I am reading, you have to report all debts. Not all creditors. The only issue apparently from what I am seeing is if you paid off a card very recently (showing preference), which the one that is paid off was paid off years ago and just never used again. The other, I just never used. Everything I am reading on line says you don't have to list them. I don't want to more because my paperwork is done and I don't want to have to revise it....again. I don't care of they cancel them. But yeah, maybe I will make sure they call get cancelled today. That's a good idea.
  4. FYI- Target is the card I have never used and I do not have another Credit Card by the same issuer (TD Bank USA, N.A.) so I have a chance of it not being closed since they will not receive a notification for any of this if not listed.
  5. I have two credit cards with zero balances. One I paid off, one I have never used. Do I need to also list those on the form for creditors for my BK7? I haven't because there is nothing to dismiss and I will not be using them any time soon, but, it would be cool if I don't have to list them and they stay open even after the discharge. That way I can start working on my score again. thanks for any input.
  6. Seems to be conflicting information on the web and I want to make sure I have the updated info. Was that last revision to the amounts for the Federal Exemptions in April 2016? I can't seem to find the ACTUAL statues while swimming through all the attorney sites that come up when I search for 11 uss 522 Thank you!
  7. I am almost done with the paperwork for chapter 7. Pretty proud of myself, although my case is pretty easy. I did go with the Federal exemptions and that took care of all my personal property. I have nothing available to liquidate.
  8. Yeah, it sounded stupid to me too. But that is what she said!
  9. This is just a 4 wheel ATV Quad. Registering Title and Registering to ride off road are two different things.
  10. But I don't even get that. When you register to off road, you just get a sticker. You don't have to tell them the VIN of the bike you are riding. Just put the sticker on it. So I just don't know.
  11. There is nothing there at all. They said that happens to make room for newer stuff and it's not abnormal. To get a new title I would have to get the VIN, prove I own it and if I don't want to pay sales tax again I have to prove I paid it before. I guess because I didn't register it to use it off road in these past 10 years, they just assumed it was junked. There was literally nothing there, without the VIN. If I had the VIN they may have been able to find more.
  12. I'm sure with the IRS exemptions and the Wildcard exemption that all my property will be exempt since I don't really have a lot, so I will just include it on the form just to be safe from dismissal for not reporting it.
  13. I went to the SOS today (Dept of Motor Vehicles in Michigan) and was informed that the ATV is no longer in my name, and has been purged from the system.
  14. This is the info we use for Federal Exemptions though...right? https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/11/522
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