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  1. Appreciate that piece of advice. I have kept most of the necessary records. But that's a good point. I need to make sure I file some coherent returns. I don't believe I will have a problem with the previous years returns. My income has been a joke and anyway its been cash only except for one W-2 part-time job in last 7 years so I haven't had much income to report since about 2007 . I don't think I could have much in the way of a tax liability but I better follow your advice and see where I stand..
  2. Sounds a little threatening all the things they can do. Probably rather live with a BK and the 2-yr credit restoration process than ignoring the problem and living "off the grid" forever. With regards to settling, I have zero confidence they would settle for anything close to the cost of a BK but I could inquire. I started a BK five years ago but figured I could wait till the judgement went away. Since I am working a small cash business out of my pocket I haven't even filed tax returns for several years so BK would have meant doing all those past years' returns.. Does BK n
  3. Thank you. It's good to know they wouldn't have a claim to my home. I think my home is protected in a BK as well. So I can attempt to settle but they seem to expect all of it. That is an assumption though based on my earlier try. My credit has recovered somewhat. It may take another hit when the renewal of the Judgement is recorded but I don't care of my credit is perfect. I just don't want to be taken advantage of by this attorney. He is not the OC so I can't justify paying that ambulance-chasing buzzard 4 times the original debt. If I can't settle for a reasonable
  4. Thank you for your input. I guess the choices are to pay it, fight it or ignore it . I feel the amount they seek is exorbitant and I talked to them about settling 5 years ago but all they offered was a payment plan. If the meter keeps running, in 5 more years the amount will probably be $15-$20K and I worry whether they can go after my house. There is no mortgage. I am 57 now and operate a small, cash only service business. can i contest the renewal of the Judgement or is fighting an option? If they have the Judgement then what recourse do I have? Do I have to take equity
  5. In today's mail from a lawyer was a copy of an Affidavit for Renewal of Judgement which was originally entered in Maricopa County Superior Court 12/7/12 from an old $2500 credit card debt. I tried to settle unsuccessfully with the attorney subsequently missed the court date so a default Judgement was entered. I was thinking that time heals all wounds and patiently have waited for the Judgement to expire or drop off. My credit has been wrecked for a long time and was just starting to improve. Is this going to follow me forever? Is there no Statue of Limitations that applies