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  1. Lots of great advice here that generally works with PRA on their low dollar suits. What I'd like to add as you eluded to moving often, it's YOUR job to check for suits being brought against you. PRA is notorious for mailing to known bad addresses (experienced first hand) and I've read about them going as far to using incorrect spellings or maiden names. Their trying to get a default judgement against you, that's the end game. They'll do whatever they can to get there so you just need to watch your back. Every month, until that alleged debt is time-barred it's your job to check. That's
  2. Thanks again everyone. I appreciate you guys taking the time to comment. Thanks for the insight, very detailed. I'll take your advice regarding Enhanced and do some research this week. While you're at it, any comment on how Calvary would handle something like this and or course of action as the consumer? Thanks again. Yeah the AMEX has me worried.. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed there. Lots of success stories and I had a good history up until I didn't, so I'm hopeful they'll be willing to work it out. I appreciate the tips on rebuilding.. It seems things will ju
  3. Everyone has a story.. I'll make mine short. Life altering unexpected decline in health lead to unemployment. No support system, no help. It took me about four years to get both my health and life back on track. I met a girl four years ago who I'd like to marry. We're moving next summer and I want to prepare my credit to buy a home in the next year or two. I beat Cavalry in court on one account (thanks to this community!), the rest have surpassed the statue of limitations here (5yrs). AMEX ($3,500) - Est Removal: 10/2018 Portfolio 1 ($3,000) - Est Removal: 02/2019 Portfo