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  1. Thank you so much. That’s what I wasn’t sure about was what to ask them to do to prevent it from being sold again. I owe 13,000, would you start at about 1/2?
  2. Hi all, I would like to settle an exsisting judgement. It started in 2013 at 19.000, and I have been faithfully paying 100 a month since, so it is down to about 13,000. There is no interest being charged, and it was sold to a collection law firm, (Web..... and Ol.....). So, I pay them 100 a month. Over the last 6 years, I have worked very hard to pay off all of my bills, and this is the last of them. I would like to offer a lump sum payment, to be considered payment in full, but I don’t know how to go about it, and what exactly I need to get in writing before sending them a check. I have searched this site for ideas and can’t seem to come up with the same scenario as mine. (Although I know it is not unique). Anybody out there have any suggestions for me, and can guide me on the steps to finish this off? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. I have a judgement that is 5 years old. It started at 19,000 and is now down to 14,000. I would like to offer a settlement and be done with this. What would you offer, and how do I go about it. Any insight you can offer would really be appreciated. I hate having this hang over my head, and I’ve saved a little and would like to get rid of this.
  4. I have an outstanding judgement that I have faithfully paid on for the last 5 years. I pay 100 a month, and I still owe 14,000. I would like to make an offer to settle this debt and I’m wondering what I should start with. How low should I offer? I know I’ve read that I should require a few things upon settling but can’t remember what exactly they are. I’d love to get this “monkey” off. my back. This debt it to BOA, and the original law firm doing the collecting, has since passed it off to another law firm. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thank you. I’m just curious why Cav. would turn it over to Total Card inc.
  6. Sooooo, I’m back with another question about this debt. We now have received a letter from Total Card, Inc., representing Cavalry (who is the owner of this debt), according to the letter. It was originally with Citi, and is past the SOL. It has never showed up on our credit report. Back in March, I received a letter from Cavalry saying: The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt......etc. At that time, some of you said to ignore it, and some said to send a C and D. We ignored it, and received 1 other letter. Now we have received this new one from Total card, Inc., representing Cavalry. It basically says the same thing, but on the back of the letter, it does say: Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity, this office will assume this debt to be valid. On the front side, it does have the paragraph that Cav. cannot sue...... I would have just ignored this letter also, except for the part on the back about validating within 30 days. In some respects, I hate to have any communication start up at all, after all this time. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Interesting. I know this probably isn’t worth much, but I did go and check and my cell has been on the DNC list since 2006, and is still active on there.
  8. I’m not going to say “never”, but I rarely give out my cell number. No Dr.’s offices, any businesses, credit cards, etc. Very rarely do I dish that out. I’ve always been very protective of that. But. . . . it could happen, just unlikely.
  9. Yes, thank you for your research, much appreciated. I won’t be doing any suing unless going forward, after the C and D letter, they violate some obvious rules. Yes, I said “almost”, so I don’t know 100% if my cell # was given out or not. But unlikely I would guess. But that being said, how do they manage to get your cell # if it was not initially given out?
  10. I almost never give out my cell number. I have a landline that I use exclusively for this type of thing, but I’m not sure where they would have gotten my cell number. Anyways. . . . . I’ll send a C and D letter, just a simple one liner and see what happens from there. I’m thankful for everyone’s advice and that you caught my boo boo about mentioning a possible violation, thanks, fisthardcheese. BTW, I live in MI if that has any bearing on the info you have provided.
  11. Thank you Fisthardcheese, I love this. I am really green at this, I did not know that they cannot call my cell phone. I will draft a cease letter, and include some info from above on the cell phone calls. Thank you for all of your help everyone, as always, you are very reassuring to those of us that are uninformed and scared and everything else.
  12. I have not had any contact whatsoever with this JDB. They must have bought it from the last one, but it’s past the SOL, so I’ve ignored all of the contact so far, but now that they started with the calls, I’d like to do something. So, I haven’t revoked anything, because I haven’t done anything. Other than. I have kept everything, letters and now the calls.
  13. I did not send a cease letter because there were a few comments about the wording of the letter, and maybe it would be better if I didn’t send one. At this point tho, I think I will send a very simple one to stop the calls etc. Yes, they are calling my cell, and I will give them some harassment the next time they call. You all keep posting to sue them if they have violations, which I’m not opposed to, but you have to remember that some of us are not as savvy as you all, and it is VERY frightening and intimidating to do that, and basically all I want is for them to stop. But I am keeping track of everything, and will see if they cross that that little TCPA line.
  14. So, we continue to get letters from them, and now they are calling? Do we just continue to ignore them?
  15. LOL, you are so right that will not forget. At least I know what to expect. Thanks for the help.
  16. OK, sorry to keep at this, but I went back and looked at the motion for state tax garnishment, and it shows BOA as the Plaintiff,and then it lists the attorney as the representative for them. The judgement was recently passed off to another JDB, and so I’m wondering if the State would still be able to “find” this garnishment. I’m assuming they would still be able to attach it because the OC has not changed, just the law firm collecting.
  17. Thank you so much for all of the great info. Even tho I searched it out before hand, I can never seem to find the great info all of you manage to give us. Now I know what to look for and proceed from there. Thank you again.
  18. This motion was filed a couple of years ago, so too late to do anything about it. But my understanding is, if it’s been granted (and it has), it will automatically attach to any refund by the State (Mich.). Yes, our taxes have been filed, so we’ll have to go from there. Even tho I’ve made regular payments, once they’ve been granted the motion, they really don’t have to do anything, right, the State will automatically attach it?. So, Clydesmom, you’re saying if the State doesn’t automatically attach, they may not go looking for it?
  19. It was filed a couple of years ago, and it is for an old CC debt. I’ve been faithfully paying my monthly payment, decided at the time of the judgement. But this is the first year we will be getting a refund.. From what I could decipher by searching online, it looks like they can’t take the federal return but could attach the state? And if the state my husband could file for the injured spouse, and could probably get most of it back from that? I took myself off all of our acct’s. but my personal one, that I keep a very low balance in. I am however, a signer on a couple of accts., but was told by the bank if I’m just a signer they cannot get at those accts.
  20. If I have a judgement against myself, and the Law office that sued me for the OC, filed a motion in court a few years later, for any tax returns, would they be able to take a tax return that is a joint return? The judgement is only against me. Thanks for your insight.
  21. Thank you. I feel better about this now.
  22. We initiated arbitration on a DV letter. We filled, and all of the initial info from the arbitration people was sent to the other JBD, and they repeated sending out the info, and finally closed they case because the never received a response from the JDB. Now... one year later, and a different JDB is trying to collect, so my assumption, it was sold. Again, I’m not looking so much for a violation, as much as I am worried about the new JDB suing us, even tho the SOL is past. In the past, I have called a couple of consumer attorney’s with no one interested in pursuing a CC case. We live in a smallish town, and I even called a couple in the next larger city, without any interest.
  23. The SOL in MI is 6 years, and it is past that. The previous JDB was Weber and Ol..........We successfully used the arbitration route for them, and they backed off. We heard nothing for a year after that, and then the SOL ran out, and now they must have sold it to this new JDB.. I’m not so much concerned about a violation, as I am about them suing us. I don’t want to ignore their letters and find out they are suing us. So far, I have just ignored the first letter, and am waiting for the second to roll around. So, would you just continue to ignore them, since some of you are leary about the wording in the letter?
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