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  1. Thank you all, I think I’ll wait a month and see if another comes.
  2. So, no need to worry about a DV letter? Would they have purchased this from the other DC, and are trying a new tactic to collect anything at all?
  3. Last year we received a collection letter, and thanks to everyone in this forum, I was able to file for arbitration, and we never heard from them again. It is past the SOL in MI, which is 6 years. Now we have received a letter from a debt collector (cav.......), and they are offering a 60% discount, (LOL) payable in a 1 time payment, 18 monthly payments, or 36 months. “This offer expires 2/3/18, and they are not obligated to renew the offer”. Then near the bottom of the letter, it states: ”The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not
  4. That’s the thing, there is no interest mentioned anywhere on the judgement or anywhere else.
  5. OK, that helps. I know on my end, what I’ve paid, so I’ll just keep deducting it from the amount on the judgement form. Thank you for you help.
  6. Ok, I sent a DV letter, and since my last post, they did go thru the courts to have a change of attorney. The response I got to the DV letter, was the original judgement and the amount I still owe. I sent a letter to the original law firm requesting an accounting of the payments I have made since the judgement, and I have received nothing. I know they received the letter because I stapled it to the check, and the check has been cashed. I also sent a 2nd request to the new law firm requesting an accounting of all payments made post judgement. Where do I go from here, in order to get an acc
  7. Thank you all for such great info. I’m going to do some digging into this along with sending a DV letter, and payment ledger request. When I received the judgement, the lawyer, told me that they may sell the debt off in 5 years or so, because they don’t want to carry it on their books for such a long period of time, so it’s really making me wonder if this was sold off, or taken over by a new law firm at the request of the OC. Not sure if it would make a difference either way. Onto a different question. When looking at my CR, it shows a report from Chase that says, “current payment s
  8. yes, I’m looking for post judgement. I know how much I have paid towards the judgement, but it is different than what this new law firm is saying I owe, and I have never received any kind of statement from the other law firm, so I never knew exactly what their balance was. I know that it is not adding any interest either, so I’d like to find out how they have arrived at their balance. In checking my credit report, it shows that I have a 0 balance with BoA, and that it was charged off. I understand the charged off part, and that that is basically an accounting function for their benefit
  9. Yes, I did misunderstand. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of previous payments? I will also try to contact the OC, that is a good idea. I hopefully can find someone that has that info.. Not quite sure how to go about finding the right dept. at B of A, but I’ll do some searching. Thank you so much for your help, I’m a bit green. I’ll keep you posted.
  10. So if I’m reading this right, they should include the number and amount of previous payments OR a copy of the judgement. Can anybody get a copy of a judgement? I don’t feel like the total amount they sent me is equivalent to the number of payments. How would I ever get a statement on that? I don’t want to just take their word for it.
  11. Thank you Brotherskeeper. One more question, I have a DV letter that I have sent out in the past, but should I include that paragraph from the link you sent or just let them do their thing? (another words, will they just roll their eyes at that, and think they’ve got a “know-it all” on their hands)?
  12. Thank you so much for the info. I will send out the DV letter, in it, could I ask for a listing of payments made on this judgement? I have never received any type of statement showing the payments and subsequent balance. In their letter from the new law office, they just list a balance, and how do I know if that is right or how they arrived at that amount? And the old law firm wouldn’t send me anything to let me know it’s been transferred to someone else? I’m sorry to shoot out so many questions, but now days, there are so many scams, etc. I’m really leary of just starting to send mone
  13. Ok, so I contacted our court, (I live in MI), and there has not been anything filed in the court system. So I have no proof this new law firm has taken over. Nor does the court. So is there anything that I can do other than send a DV letter? Legally have they violated any laws?
  14. Thank you so much Clydesmom. So at this point, I will send in a DV letter, plain and simple. While I’m buying time, do I still send in the check, yes, it was in writing in the judgement, but do I send it to this new law firm? Will this go to court again? That was the most stressful thing I have ever been through and I don’t want to go through that ever again, so is there something I can do to ward that off?. Am I best to try to just continue on the way I have been with this new law firm? Sorry, for so many questions, I feel like my BP is rapidly rising already over this, and I was try
  15. Thank you for the info. So, where do I go from here. I was required to pay 100 a month, and I sent it in to the first law firm. Do I continue to send in the payments? Can they pursue a larger payment program or any other things, like garnish wages, etc? Do I reply to this letter then? I’m afraid if I don’t respond, they will go to court again for one thing or another. I’m not in a position right now to try to settle, but at some time down the road would that be something I could try to do, is settle the debt for a lessor amount?
  16. Hi, I had a judgement against me, (sadly, I didn’t know about this site then), 5 years ago. I received a letter from a different law firm, saying they represent BOA, and the current amount of the debt is 16,xxx. I’m going to put the next paragraph verbatim to make sure I get it right. Unless you notify our office within 30 days after receipt of this notice that you sipute the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by our office. If you notify our office in writing within the 30 day period, that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disput