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  1. Hello, Being sued by Shermeta Law Group in MICHIGAN. Filed my answer, defenses and sworn affidavit of denial on time. Sent my jdb discovery request, 30 days have passed with no response. Followed up with a phone call then a meet and confer letter. JDB sent a settlement offer in the mail which I never responded to soon after receiving my meet and confer letter. Offered to settle for $1000 instead of the original $1886. JDB followed up with a call to then tell me that he doesn't have to respond to my interrogatories request because the judge hasn't started discovery yet. Is this true? The jdb hasn't sent me any interrogatories request only the original summons with nothing attached.
  2. Good afternoon, The debt my JDB is suing me for has reached the SOL for my state (Michigan) now that we are in the DISCOVERY phase of my case. Is there anything I can do at this point even though I've denied this debt in my answer and affidavit or am I screwed in terms of bringing up the SOL? Thanks....
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