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  1. Oh, I reasoned from the chargeoff status of 3/12 - 2/13 and the "original chargeoff" amount being listed as $1196. Unless original chargeoff doesnt mean the amount written off on the original chargeofff status date? I would still think that "date updated" indicating 2/13 would be the latest date for a balance of $1196 which is just 13 months after the 2/12 $337 balance. Or am I just completely backwards here? I know I had a stellar credit rating when I bought my MINI, and secured the lowest possible interest rate (<3%) with great terms on my car loan. I seriously doubt the APR was over 15
  2. Thank you so much for the insight! I'll take your advice and let it age off then - pretty sure it will fall off on its own with no effort on my part before I could fully investigate and get halfway through the dispute/resolution process if is a mistake or fraud at this point.
  3. @Harry Seaward Can they charge interest after they closed the account on 10/2011 (weird since thats the initial 30 days late)? I'm sure once they file the chargeoff on 3/2012 they can't keep charging interest... even if so, we weren't talking 3 - 6 years but 6 months top, and the balance of $337 on 2/12 skyrocketing to $1192 on 3/12 is 354% increase over a 30 day span. Regardless, is my best bet to request the past statements from the OC? Should I try to settle and reduce the interest or fees added? If so will that re-age the account and/or open me up to collection agency hell?
  4. Hi all, I've relied on this site for the last 2 years when I first found numerous errors. I thank you for the solid advice I have found here, which has empowered me to clean up everything but this last item. This chargeoff is a little unique so I am not sure how other chargeoff posts relate to it. It is probably a valid account though I question the amount. It will fall off my report in July 2018, but I would want to pay what I owe legitimately, as a matter of personal integrity unless it exposes me to new illegitimate credit issues. Background: In 2008 I bought a MINI Cooper and w