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  1. Hey Kellie, This can be tricky. Since you are already making monthly payments and are current, the likelihood of the credit card companies lowering your interest rate or principle is unlikely. Generally, they do not budge unless you are a few months behind. Once they see that you haven't been making payments, they will be more inclined. Have a good story. Talk to them about struggling to meet the monthly payments and how you won't be able to continue for much longer. Ask for information about their hardship program. This will shut your card down, but also prevent future interest to
  2. Dispute with Experian, check your other credit reports to make sure they aren't on them as well. If they are, dispute them too.
  3. Hello, First of all, make sure these debts are valid. Don't let the collection agencies bully you. Considering your circumstances, I would advise you to call the lenders and collection agencies and try to negotiate your debt down. Have a good story for why you haven't been paying your debt down. If you come across as someone who is struggling to meet the minimum monthly payments and are desperate for a solution, they are more inclined to help you out. Ask them if you borrowed money from a relative, could they reduce the lump sum. Sometimes they will reduce the amount accumulated thro