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  1. Good morning to you all fine people. I just wanted to comeback and update you on the status of the lawsuit. I have received a call from my atty. stating that case is in the works of being dismissed as Cavalry has failed to provide needed documentation and their demand is outside of SOL for the state of FL. I did close on the house in December and we are all good. Thank you all for your comments/advise. Stay safe everyone! xoxo
  2. I think this "20+ debts" was misread as 20 years... I've decided not to say anything to the lender and see what happens. I'm just anxious about the whole thing
  3. I checked my credit report and I see that Calvary made an inquiry in July, that's actually before I had applied for a mortgage. There are no suspicious trade lines on the report. Harry, question... what type of agreement would reset the SOL, verbal? Who would require this agreement, is it original creditor, is it 3rd party collection, or is it Calvary? I don't recall making any agreements, and I only made payments to Citi directly, not a collection agency and definitely not to Calvary as they only acquired my account in 2016. I went back to see what exactly they sent to court: Calvary sent 3 Citi statements: 11/27/11 - no payment 10/27/10 payments of $50.00 on 09/07/2010, and payment on 10/01/10 for 100.00 4/27/10 - no payment They also sent this (attached) Payment.pdf If this an actual statement where is it from? Should this shows amount and to whom it was paid to?
  4. Yes, i have been served right before Thanksgiving, how odd is that? Anyway, i do have Atty, i'm watching my case through our county's public records, the only thing i saw is that atty submitted a reply to Calvary's atty stating that debt is violating SOL and that i'm declining debt, etc... I don't know how long this whole thing will take, i hope i can close on the house before anything blows up. Also, i thought if i indeed made a payment, wouldn't this debt still show up on my credit? I know for sure that after 7 years debt would disappear from the report. So i don't know what's happening with this.
  5. Ok, but doesn't lender/UW run some type of public record search and see there is a lawsuit? That's the only concern that I have. I don't want my loan to be denied 10 days before closing. I understand that each lender is different and I don't know what this particular lender policy is, i'm afraid to say/not to say something. Good lord, it's like damn if you do/damn if you don't....
  6. I have no clue, do I need to pull my credit now? It wasn't there when my lender pulled credit at the end of October. Apologies accepted
  7. Thank you Herry, i'll just have to wait if Calvary can provide proof of payment, that's all I can do. And I am a she Also, if payment indeed was made, what does it mean in terms of my chances of not getting judgement?
  8. Thank you Clydesmom for your reply. I do not recall any payments made to anyone outside of paying Citi directly, so I need some type of proof that Calvary indeed received a payment (or whomever else did). Should they provide bank account number/ check # whatever to proof the payment? If they can't, then the last payment on record should be from 2010. I checked my account number and I didn't see anything coming out for 100, but it could have been another account that I no longer have? I have no clue...
  9. Ok, I guess I will have to let lender know, I was trying to avoid this as much as possible hoping it will not affect my home buying. Thank you again!
  10. Hi Goody-Ouchless, thank you for replying, this is conventional loan
  11. Thank you for your reply WhoCares1000 , the last payment I can see from the statements that Calvary included is from 09/2010 paid to Citi direct, however, they also included something else that looks like another payment for 100.00 in 2014, the account number is blacked out, it has my name and address on it, not sure what that is, but it's not a statement from the Citi. If they claim it to be another payment made, it wasn't made to Citi, possibly made to an original collection agency that Citi sold to, I can't really recall this and I don't know who the original collection agency was. I thought my last payment was to Citi only and not the collection agency. Calvary provided Bill of Sale claiming that Citi sold my debt to them in 2016, however I'm pretty sure there was another collection agency involved prior to Calvary. I've never heard of Calvary until now. My credit report is not showing any debts to Citi or anyone else for such amount. Anyway, my original question still stands, if I should contact my lender and let them know or should I say nothing. I'm not sure what to do Will this lender deny my loan completely? I'm so upset over this
  12. Hello everyone!! I am new to this boards and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Last week I've discovered that I had a lawsuit filed against me by Calvary SPV for some old debt from Citi requesting judgement, I didn't know about it until I started receiving letters from lawyers and went to check on public records. And there it was! I have retained an attorney to deal with it, but meanwhile... I'm in the process of purchasing a house and have closing already set for December 20th. Lawsuit was filed on November 8, I understand this is not a judgement, but if title runs the search, will they pick up this lawsuit and how will it affect my closing, will I be able to close?? The amount of debt is 30K (it's a long story with my ex, etc...) I'm really concerned I might not be able to purchase home, even though I was already preapproved. The Citi debt is no longer on my credit report, only this law suit that just popped in at a really bad time. Should I let my lender/title know about this or what should I do if anything at all? Any advise would be much appreciated and thank you in advance!
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