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  1. You may be right, if one can't properly pull it off. You can't talk too much. Say as little as possible. File a counterclaim using their discovery as your discovery. Now they need to prove it's not false.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot the smog and the "outdated infrastructure and unreliable water supply". And the most important of all. It's Midland's home.
  3. OK. You guys know everything. I'll take my $ & be on my way. If Cali law is as messed up as you people say, I'll add that to my list of why never to go there along with quakes, mudslides, fires & cow fart regulation.
  4. Have you read this case? "The trial court found in favor of Respondent, specifically commenting, "I also find that Ms. Rodgers was evasive and unbelievable in testifying to certain things, such as she can't remember where she lived one year ago."" And, The judgment entered on June 10, 2013, was reversed and the matter was remanded for a new trial. Have you any personal experience or just posting cases & speculating? You may never hear about most cases that were settled, such as mine. My check is in. Would anyone care to hear the details?
  5. Right, I'm not asking & I chose this old thread because it was the first that came up in a search. I figured other people may find it too and would like to hear actual instead of speculation. Ccp98 may work for the original creditor but like I said before, the collector may not be able to present direct testimony or say whether any statements were mailed or electronically sent making it possible for another party to be in control of your account.
  6. Actually, I look for a mistake or inaccuracy. But next time, if there is one, "sovereign citizen" it is. Thanks.
  7. For the original bank/creditor. When talking about a collection agency/bank, not so simple. Once the account is sold, they receive no help from the seller. (from what I've seen) They can't even prove the debtor received the statements. Once I receive my check, I will post the details of my case, if anyone wants to see it.
  8. If you do admit to having the card, you may call them on proving solicitation or application for the card. Unsolicited cards are illegal and it is not in their best interest to be involved in a case like that.
  9. They win their cases through default and bullying. If one doesn't admit to even having the card, they would have a very hard time proving one did. Not to mention solicitation of the card. Which is Fed law. Midland usually ends up with the account because the original debtor knows that all the t's aren't crossed or i's dotted. But I hear you. What works for one may not work for another.
  10. Midland can never win if you just say NO. Deny everything and they cannot and will not prove anything, ever. They can only offer hearsay and usually won't go that far. File a counter claim. Force them to discontinue and settle. With no help from an attorney. Remember- JUST SAY NO! They are a disgusting predatory bank that buys debt for 10% and lack standing. They should be out of business.