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  1. Im sorry I have been away for a few days. If there is anything I can help with just let me know. I will do my best.
  2. They pretty much have everything needed to get a judgment against you. The best course of action is arbitration. If you did not assert arbitration as your defense, I would heed Brotherskeeper's advise, to file a leave to file an amended answer. Make sure to point out that you did not know of arbitration until the plaintiff provided you the agreement, it is only then you learned your right to arbitration.
  3. Do you have another thread? Im just trying to see where you got your advice for furthering your case. From the above paragraph it looks like you did a lot of unnecessary work, the only thing all of that did was buy you a little time. Strategically you want to buy time while in arbitration, not in the courts. Who is the law firm? When was your account opened?
  4. Oddly enough just after posting my update I got an Email from the JDB, he wants a mutual walk away. I told him I am willing to drop my arb case with a mutual dismissal w/prejudice. all in all great news!
  5. Got a group Email from JAMS yesterday asking for the $1500 retainer from the Respondent. Do I just let this one go, and wait to see if the JDB responds?
  6. Yes sir! Thanks for the reassurance!
  7. No sir, this is what JAMS sent me two weeks ago after I had already submitted the proper packets to them.
  8. Not that I know of. Ill email her now.
  9. Sorry for the delay, I got my Demand, Notice of Intent, JAMS Policy, and Proof of service. I have not received an invoice.
  10. *Update* Still no word from the JDB, we both got our arbitration papers 2 weeks ago. I figured something would happen by now. Ill send an e-mail to the case worker tomorrow and see whats new.
  11. I understand there may be watchful eyes, I just want to make sure to paint a correct picture. First and foremost make sure to read up on your local court rules and procedures, thats pretty much step one. This will inform you on your timeline and proper procedures. After you have established the above step, it may be a good idea to search other cases in the forums similar to yours. (I.e. the JDB, and state.) Many of the community members are very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful in assistance with drafting up your answer. Keep in mind if you do post your drafts in your thread to redact any and all information pertaining to you personally or your case# etc. It is a nerve wrecking process, however many of the methods in defending yourself are battle tested. Just take your time, breath, and be sure to read, then read again over everything you type up.
  12. I still have not seen ( or im blind lol) Did you have an unpaid debt, as in did you know a defaulted account that was in collections? If the above is correct they probably sent the wrong papers on accident. As Backfromthedebt stated this is a critical time, in the time allotted, use it to formulate your plan of attack.
  13. We shall see how this all goes
  14. I received my confirmation E-mail from JAMS today. I will be sending an email stating the burden of payment is on PRA.
  15. I cant believe they are so willing to waste money and time following you. Someone must have been sick on arbitration training day lol.