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  1. MikeB35

    PRA (Dell) vs me

    thank you Harry
  2. MikeB35

    PRA (Dell) vs me

    My last day of active duty was March 8th 2008, so I'm well past that lol. I'm still debating on if I will go with JAMS, or AAA. I have a ways to go, but i want to start formulating a preemptive plan of attack now before anything even happens.
  3. MikeB35

    PRA (Dell) vs me

    I also procured the 2016 agreement, this is when i opened the account WebBank - Dell Preferred Credit Card Agreement, Rates and Fees.pdf
  4. MikeB35

    PRA (Dell) vs me

    Just a quick search i came up with this. Dell_Preferred_Account_Credit_Agreement.pdf
  5. MikeB35

    PRA (Dell) vs me

    I'm sorry too lol, bad decisions, and unfortunate circumstances will haunt me until i can mop up my mess. Ill look around to see if i still have my original papers. I may have to look them up online, for now im staying calm, and cool like a cucumber! 😎🥒
  6. Well, I'm getting setup for another go around with court. This time I am up against Portfolio Recovery. I will save myself the headache and go straight to arb. This thread will contain any information for future searchers going through something similar in Ohio. JDB - Portfolio Recovery Associates State - Ohio Amount - 2,527.26 I am currently awaiting to be served, I know it will be soon, as I have been keeping an eye on the court docket. It was filed on the 15th so I would imagine it will be here between tomorrow and Friday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should essentially be able to cut and paste info from my last win obviously using the correct information pertaining to this case of course.
  7. @bureabe Arbitration Section of Credit One Cardholder Agreement.pdf
  8. I only have the 2014 cardholder agreement, if that helps you i can put together a PDF.
  9. I think before you did all of that you should have consulted here first. If your calling them without any real knowledge, poking the bear, it could end up bad for you once backed into a corner. If you have looked up your local court house where your case is being handled, and you have gone through the rules of that specific court, and they say specifically there is no formal way to respond to a complaint, I myself for my own personal protection would draft something up and file it with the court anyway. (that is just how i would still handle it myself) That shows you are active in the case, and putting them on alert that you are following through with this. When it comes to the actual paperwork your referring to, it is a legit sworn affidavit stating that to the best of their knowledge everything is factual and true. In turn if you do not fight that alone it could cost you a loss. Draw up a response to the Plaintiffs complaint, and point out that there is a lack of subject mater jurisdiction and that you are electing to move this case to arbitration per your card holder agreement.
  10. MikeB35

    Letter from Stenger & Stenger..

    Yes sir I did start another thread once my MTC was granted, at the time it was my thinking i was starting a whole new process so all new information. I did win, they dismissed w/prejudice. After I hit the lawyer hard with his mistakes in court the judge was very impressed with my timeliness, filing, and how well I put everything together. Its better laid out in this, part 2 of my journey.
  11. MikeB35

    Letter from Stenger & Stenger..

    I have had my run in with the same law firm, same debt company, same credit card, and same state. My advise to you is to read through my thread and see how much this community is absolutely amazing. See how a normal Joe shmo like myself, turned from a uninformed scared person, into a well informed individual. The process takes time, research, and patients but in the end is rewarding and self fulfilling. If you start reading through my thread you will see i made a lot of mistakes early on, luckily I had some guardian angels on my side such as @fisthardcheese@Brotherskeeper@nobk4me@BV80 just to name a few. This thread is packed full of great information to help you along your journey. I hope it finds you well in your research and aids you in successful battle!
  12. That's great that you are starting to kind of understand everything now. Its a journey, but its a journey only you can benefit from. Your hard work and understanding, will only make you a more versatile person. When you go for that first initial meeting with the lawyer you will not be jaded thinking you have to roll over just because you are in the court system. You are now armed with knowledge, Be vigilant in your study's, and double check everything. Like i stated before, you are representing yourself so everything you do reflects you. When this is all said and done you will be extremely proud of what you have accomplished. I promise you!
  13. It appears to me that the page you referenced in your last post my possibly be the complaint. Again i dont know how your specific court is, or your states rules. To me, I would just submit an answer stating lack of subject matter jurisdiction and use arbitration as your affirmative defense. I would need others to chime in with their opinion before you actually went through what i just stated, as that is just my opinion. There are more seasoned vets around who may be better off reviewing and answering your questions. @fisthardcheese@BV80@Brotherskeeper
  14. Ok ,so the affidavit is like a documented oath, mainly for record purposes to state "this is true to the best of my knowledge" What were the other two pages you received? Also I would suggest to read this thread as well. This is the most up to date arb thread.
  15. as an example this was mine, I am not a lawyer and I do not know your states rules, or courts rules. You will have to research that and find out formatting and proper rules to follow DEFENDANT answers to complaint with arb Final Save as.docx