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  1. They can't serve the person on behalf of me for inquiring? Like my girlfriend for example? And I apologize, yeah, you all have helped me in the past against JDB with MTC Arb. they often dropped it but w/out prejudice so they start back at me after a little while. Sorry I didn't include that in my original post. Also, the county of the officer was Williamson County, which is what's on my driver's licence (my parents house because I move a lot), not Davidson county, which is where I was living at the time of the Landlord issue. The Landlords also live in Davidson county (greater Nashville). Could that make a difference also? A lot of these old JDB have my parents address as I ignored them for some time.
  2. Well, I don't even know if it's them. It could be a private student loan I defaulted on. They didn't inform my dad who it was from. So, at this point, I don't have knowledge of it technically, so I can't imagine there would be a default judgement. I'm not even "dodging" it, I just didn't give them my forwarding address. Yes they kept my deposit. I wrote a letter saying they could keep it in return for me not paying for the last 10 days of my lease. I was paying two leases and had already moved, I also stated it would give them more time to get the place ready for a new tenant. They also immediately put it back on craigslist, which I took a picture of. They claimed on the ad they were renovating, hence why they are trying to squeeze money out of me. There is NO way possible I did any damages that would warrant 9000 dollars. I know for a fact they do their own repairs and not pay contractors also to save money. They have verbally abused me for trying to prorate rent when the water heater was broken for a week also, but I don't have that on a recording. Anyway, a lot of people just say wait until you get served to deal with it, especially because after having my dad clarify that it wasn't specified who was trying to serve me.
  3. Not sure if this is relevant for this site, but you all have helped a ton in the past when gunk debt buyers tried to sue me. So, I have a landlord that I moved out of a condo that wants to sue me. They are claiming that there is 9k worth of damage. This is NOT the case, and I have pictures, witnesses, etc. to prove it. They also harassed me during my stay there. They tried to go to my fathers address because I did not give them my new ones and basically blocked them from calling me. A sheriff went to my dads and told him to get ahold of me to get papers served. My dad said we were "estranged" then called me telling me about it. I need to be legally served/aknowledge the serving to go to court right? I know I can beat them in court, they are insane, but I don't want to get a misjudgement due to not responding to any sort of request to get papers. Someone PLEASE help me on this, what should I do? Wait until they can find me? It's not like it's THAT hard to find someone. They tried to add me on LinkedIn too which I denied. Please Help C
  4. yeah it's not in good faith really, it's just a loophole and I hate JDB's. Well, I guess now I just try and dispute, and wait. See if some other jackass shows up at my door with papers. With Cavalry, I didn't even go to court and MTC arbitration. I just got a letter from their lawyers saying that they had already gone to a court and it was an order of Non-Suit. It did not state with or without prejudice. Should this be of concern?
  5. I'd like to know more about this. After Dismissal or Non-Suit, what's the next step? Did I actually persevere or is it just going to roll back to Midland and they will still report bad debt etc? I mean, the debt was mine, I don't know how I could sue and have them lose if they have evidence. Should I dispute and attach court records or motions to non-suit or is that useless? Just would like to know where it ends..? 2021 (after 7 years)?
  6. @lovie2000 I live in TN, this EXACT thing happened to me, probably at the same courthouse. I'm trying to find out now what happens? It's been a few months. The law office representing Midland is sending the information about the dismissal back to Midland. I'm trying to find out what happens next? How do I get this gone off my credit reports, is the debt actually going to go away or is it still going to sit there until 2021 (7 years) regardless of if they pursue to collect again? Thanks C
  7. So you have debit with Midland Funding, they have a law firm sue you in court. You motion to compel arbitration and the case is dismissed as a non-suit by the law firm. Midland is still reporting negative debt to my credit reports after months. I called them and they told me to call the law firm... and vice versa. What steps do I need to take to get this dissolved? Thanks!
  8. Have not been on here in a while. Last time it was defending against Midland Funding. Arbitration WORKED 100% to get it to Non-Suit. Today Cavalry Law on Behalf of CITI Bank sent me a letter w/ a courthouse ruling of non-suit. I didn't even get served to go to court. All I did was write a professional letter and had it certified at the post office. I think certifying helped. I owe everything to this forum before beating Midland, and today was just a reminder of how we can overcome these scumbag debt collectors, we just have to be PRO ACTIVE Anyway just wanted to check back in! -C
  9. Yeah, of course they could file again within a year, but do they generally do that and doesn't it make them look worse since they dropped it once? Also, what about my credit? If they lost the case can I dispute all bad reporting on their part or do anything to remedy that?
  10. Yes! I walked into the courtroom, sat down, heard someone mumble my last name up front and I said "that's me" and he goes "your case has been dropped you can go".
  11. Also is tomorrow just me stating my request for arbitration and them saying yes or no or is it a trial where I could end up just screwed if it doesn't go my way, just to ease my anxiety.
  12. Aren't I already sort of by denying to pay Midland and going the arbitration route in hopes that they just drop it because isn't it like 250.00 for me and much more for them through JAMS?
  13. I'm sure they will use any tactic to get me out of it. What are the chances of the motion going through should I persist it? Is there a large chance that they will deny it if I don't have a good reason to motion? What would you say as far as reasoning for me to motion if put on the spot Also, on a totally different note, if I requested a bunch of documents pertaining to my case like card statements and they did not send it certified, is there any loop hole you can say that you never received it within 30 days and request dismissal (this is when I do have to defend myself). I mean, I guess if it goes to trial either way I don't have much of a defense unless you can think of anything.
  14. Hi everyone, my hearing is tomorrow and my MTC Arbitration is I guess what the plan is. Is there a large chance I'll get denied? I keep reading things like that the larger corporations generally win when arbitration is filed. I''m super anxious, but have done all that you guys have advised to me. Should I wait and see what discovery they have? They sent me a letter with a copy of some statements with purchases and when it went to collections but nothing with a signature, etc. and the letter was not sent certified? What exactly should I do and in what order? Lol
  15. Like spending the 250 or 275 whatever on the JAMS site? Should I call the court to find out if it was granted? Would they be able to tell me?
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