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  1. Hey Everyone, The CIC team is testing a few color and cosmetic changes to the forum. We hope our tests aren't too jarring or off-putting. Your input is welcome. These cosmetic changes are a precursor to some pretty exciting content upgrades over the next couple of months. Thanks for your participation in the community forum and for helping people find answers to their very meaningful questions.
  2. We did endorse them. Heavily. It's a good thing to admit mistakes, though. Too many of our community quietly mentioned they weren't getting results. And it's not just Lexington who is at fault. Most of the credit repair shops are using old, outdated strategies. The credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors have become hardened to this nonsensical, legalistic dispute process. It just doesn't work very well. A new approach is needed.
  3. If you want FICO scores, you generally need to go to FICO. They get pretty guarded about their proprietary scores. They offer a monthly service for a bit under $30. https://www.myfico.com/products/ultimate-three-bureau-credit-report
  4. We happen to agree. We're beginning the process of removing Lexington advertisements from our site and some of the articles we've written in the past. It will take a while, but we're reviewing all of the credit repair companies to see if any of them measure up. Happy to read others comments and reviews of Lexington and other credit repair companies.
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