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  1. Thanks for this! I'm hoping with a few payoffs and goodwills, I'll be to 650 in no time. A clear and strong CL and history on this CapOne is my foot back in the door I hope.
  2. Recently was approved for a CapOne Secured Card. Put enough down to get a $550 balance. Been using it for my revolving bills such as insurance, netflix, cable, and cell phone. I'm paying it off each month. When I signed up, they said I would get an automatic balance increase after 5 months so long as I make on-time payments. I'll be nearing that soon, and since I pay it off in advance, anticipate getting the BI. Few questions on this and next steps: 1) Anyone know what the BI usually amounts to? Is it a decent upgrade? 2) How often does CapOne do BI's? 3) Any realistic expectations of them moving me from the secured account into an unsercured?
  3. Hi, all. Couldn't remember my old log in, so had to create a new account. Been using the site for some time. So even though this is my first post, I've been around for awhile. Love the site. Anyway, I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit. Starting in February, financially I will be in a great place that will allow me to fix the mistakes of my past. Recently I moved from Texas to North Carolina. I'm a life long Texan, minus a 10 month stint out in Idaho. In the Dallas area, they have a Starbucks and Chase bank on every corner it seems. I've been banking with Chase for years and not once had an issue. I've always been happy with Chase. In addition to that, I know my Chex systems is clean but my credit is not (548 FACO). In moving to NC, I found that there isn't a Chase around me and needed to deposit some cash. Did some research and decided Wells Fargo would be the best for me. Went into to WF knowing what type of account I wanted to open and a couple hundred in cash to deposit. They came back and confirmed Chex is clean but said that due to my credit history they want to offer their Opportunity account. I knew about the account based on the research and knew its limitations. I went ahead and opened it. I already have direct deposit setup for them and will continue to do as I have with Chase. A balance no less than $100 with bi-weekly DD, and using debit card over cash to build history. I will keep my Chase open to use for any check deposits I get (mobile app deposit) so I'm not worried about any held funds (from what I've seen and was told in person, DD wont be held). That said, I know the Opportunity can be shifted to a Preferred account, however I've read it can be a matter of months to over a year. Anyone know what realistically it should look like before I go and request it?