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  1. The expectation is to have more leverage in negotiating a settlement as thus far they have not been willing to negotiate at all.
  2. Hello, im being sued by an OC Citibank for $3,000, I responded to the summons, denied all, and also filed a MTC. Plaintiff filed a response to my MTC agreeing to arbitration and included a proposed order to allow for arbitration and even stays the proceeding for 90 days. Judge still has not ruled on my MTC and also did not sign the plaintiffs proposed order to allow us to arbitrate. Instead we received a notice for court ordered mediation. I’m concerned as I have not started the arbitration with AAA as I was waiting on the court signed order to proceed. Also I don’t what what to expect or procedures during this mediation. How should I prepare for mediation or what can I do to ensure we get a ruling on the MTC to allows us to proceed to arbitration.
  3. I sure did.... Filed MTC 01/20/18, AZ Justice court approved arbitration 02/06/18 and received order to initiate arbitration Filed for arbitration 02/22/18. Trial and judgement entered on 04/05/18. Appeal process started immediately. AAA Closed the case 06/05/18 during the appeal process. From the case history I see the Judgement now removed and I have received notice of a pre-trial conference for 11/27/2018. Thanks!
  4. Well... Very happy to report back and let you know that I successfully received a Reversal and Limited remand court of appeals. I'm not sure how to proceed next, as the AAA arbitration case was closed out 06/05/18 while the appeal process played out, it was closed as the fees were never paid by JH Portfolio debt equities or their attorneys. Should I file for arbitration again with AAA? Thanks, IMG_0003.pdf
  5. Hello, Beforehand I would like to thank everyone because this forum has helped me tremendously. I had 2 cases filed against me, I was able to obtain a dismissal on one as soon as I filed my MTC. Well the other did not go as smoothly today...... Filed MTC 01/20/18, AZ Justice court approved arbitration 02/06/18 and received order to initiate arbitration Filed for arbitration 02/22/18, arbitration said they were backed up and did not start working my case until 04/03/18 Arbitration did not start process or any mailings to any parties until 04/03/18 Today was my trial and I was pretty confident all I needed was my confirmation of the arbitration case being file 02/22/18 and copy of the letter sent to JH Portfolio on 04/03/18 requesting fees to be paid to initiate the arbitration case. Well pretty much the judge did not care I had confirmation of filed a case with AAA, he read the letter to JH portfolio letting them know the needed to send fees by 04/17/18. After reviewing confirmation and letter judge initiated the trial and entered judgement against me for the amount owed. I was not prepared for trial, I assumed my receipt and letter would be sufficient to stay further proceedings. I'm contemplating an appeal, what are my chances? It seems an appeal would go to Superior court, my main basis for the appeal is that arbitration was filed, started and was pending the receipt of fees from the other party, at this point AZ Justice court should have allowed more time for arbitration to proceed..... Thanks,
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