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  1. Hello Everyone, So unfortunately I have gotten in myself a pickle. I've been trying really hard to improve my credit but it just seems like one thing after another keeps happening and like most people I just take it head on and move forward. So I realize my student loan that I unfortunately fell three months behind which hit my credit and dropped 100 points and discovered my clearance maybe in jeopardy which means my job as well. I do my best to pay my bills on time, I don't spend money like crazy. I don't want to lose my clearance all because of my credit score now days it defines who you are apparently. Any who most companies look at credit score when considering a loan which I get but at the same time I feel it should also be case by case. Does anyone knows a bank that actually goes by case and actually sits with you and see what they can do. I am willing to be an open book with my finance, all I need to borrow to pay off all my collections and caught up with student loans so I can improve my credit and keep my job is $3,000 and to pay it back I am willing to do an allotment of $300 from my pay check. But clearly I would do my absolute best to pay it off sooner. My job has an opening which means more money but I can't apply if my clearance is in jeopardy. So I am asking if anyone knows any companies that sits with you and does there best to help. Any advice or direction I would greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.
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