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  1. On 1/25/2018 at 7:15 PM, Clydesmom said:

    If the information is accurate you will not get it removed.  

    For the inquiries if you applied for a car loan and they sent out multiple apps to lenders they are lumped into 1 inquiry as far as FICO scoring despite being listed individually.

    The late payments will drop off automatically when they reach the 7 year period.  I had a car loan reporting that had late payments years ago that went from being a negative account to a positive one when the last late payment from years ago fell off and the last 3 years of good payments was all that was listed.

    Most likely it is the 67 late payments that is killing your score not the inquiries.

    That’s great advice...let it sit there. 

  2. Hey guys I have about 22 hard inquiries I am looking to get rid of all of them if not most of them.


    Should I send 22 individual letters? 

    I read online what if you type the letters the automated system that scans the letters might just do an auto response.

    That is better to write them by hand , but then I hear people just send them out typed.

    I also see people referencing laws in their letter should I do that? 

    Also can I use online certified mail services has any one done this?