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  1. So I called United consumer to talk to someone about a settlement but was told a company called total card inc was now handleing my account. The woman offer me a 1000 settlement but also told me Kirby wouldn’t sue me because of the age of the debt. Should I now say the hell with the settlement and go for a different approach?
  2. I can’t believe I forgot this part, but I’m listed as a co-borrower on this account. I honestly don’t remember co signing on this account (my wife is the borrower) and I called them a little over two weeks ago. They promised to send me a copy of the contract in the mail but never did. So do you think I should still try to offer something, call them again or send a verification letter?
  3. Would y’all send a validation letter first before the PFD letter? I’ve called them before and they told me they would send me a copy of the contract but never did. I am trying to tread lightly so I don’t run the risk of being sued.
  4. I had a ATT account get sent to this collection agency. I am able to pay ATT directly so my plan is to ask for sunrise (the CA) to pay for delete for 50% and if they decline I am going to pay ATT directly. Either way I should be able to get this off of my report? What do yall suggest?
  5. Would you happen to have a sample letter I can edit? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I was thinking about sending them a letter offering to pay 1k for settlement/deletion. Think that would work?
  7. It’s through United consumer (Kirby)
  8. I have a few items left on my report I’m trying to clean up and need advice on how I should proceed. I live in Louisiana. The second one for 2k I called and asked for them to send me the contract and it’s been two weeks and nothing. Potentially Negative Status Collection account. $165 past due as of Jan 2018. Account Type Debt Buyer Balance $165 Date Opened 07/27/2014 Potentially Negative Status Account charged off. $2,882 written off. Account Type Sales Contract Balance $2,438 Date Opened 01/04/2014
  9. Around four years ago my wife and I were amazed by a Kirby salesman and of course agreeed to buy one. A short time later I had a job change and wasn’t able to afford the payments. Im in the process of repairing my credit and I called them to ask if I could pay for a delete and was told that they would only take the full amount and still wouldn’t remove it from my report. Any ideas on what I can do to get this removed!?
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