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  1. @nobk4me thank you for your input. I’m a fighter, I fought and won 2 midland lawsuits... win or lose, I’ll fight for what I want to the end. The judge made an incorrect judgment , the statement made in his order is false. The letters I provided the court state that the arbitration commencement will begin when respondent (midland) pays the $1500 filing fee. So, at that point they are in contempt for not following The Judges orders.. correct? JAMS lady has been unable to reach them thus far.. my debt is $911, Jams filing fee is $1500, on top of their violations of FDCPA, I found... benefits outweighed weigh the risks in my opinion... my case was not dismissed properly, the Judge errored in his premature judgment, midland attorney hasn’t responded to anything but a pitty attempt to throw out my MTC.. you may see it as a win, I disagree.. I see it as “the fight ain’t over yet”! I would love your input on addressing the Judge in this matter if you have any helpful advice! I’m not being a hog as you will, I’m willing to take a loss, if it means I didn’t settle for less then what I came for. Ask my kids.. you don’t mess with mama unless your ready to fight it to the end... my credit report is waiting for this dismissal with prejudice...
  2. @fisthardcheese @Brotherskeeper @debtzapper Update.. emailed my JAMS lady and asked her for an update as well as updated her on the Judge’s order with the current status of arbitration. She replied to my email and stated that arbitration has not been commenced due to the fact the the respondent has not responded to anything. I then called the clerk this morning, explained the situation. She said that I need to write a “letter” to the judge explaining the situation and the emails relevant to my claims... so here’s my question, anyone have any experience in writing a letter to the judge, telling him he f’d up and that I would like him to remove his order and replace it with dismissed WITH prejudice , or honor my granted motion to stay?!? 😬
  3. I didn’t have a chance to object, and request dismissed with prejudice. Where are my rights or stool to stand on? They came after me.. I kicked their a$$ and gave them a run for their money.. ordered wasn’t what I wanted...
  4. Pending arbitration... it’s not even properly commenced yet. The order didn’t state pending the commencement of arbitration right?
  5. They haven’t paid their $1500 to JAMS to properly commence arbitration and the suit was dismissed without prejudice.. which seeing that I was granted stay pending arbitration, the order should have been in my favor, not in theirs. They could come back and sue me, not pay JAMS... how can I have a granted motion and then dismissed inappropriately?
  6. @Brotherskeeper I was granted a stay pending arbitration.. I attached a copy of my docket and orders to try and help see how it came to this point
  7. Submitted these and the next day Judge dismissed the cause because arbitration was commenced. My granted MTC stay arbitration, I assume would mean stay until arbitration is completed or until midland gives in... neither party motioned for a dismissal..
  8. @Clydesmom Midland didn’t dismiss the suit... the Judge did.. as you see in the documents in my post
  9. Hey guys! Need help again, this is my 3rd lawsuit from midland in the past 12 months. I beat them in the two previous lawsuits and both were removed from my credit report. However, this last one has thrown me for a loop. I did exactly what I did with the last two, granted my MTC and stay pending arbitration, submitted my documents from JAMS proving that I have started the arbitration, the next day my case was closed, dismissed withOUT prejudice. I am confused to what just happened. I was granted a stay, JAMS hasn’t received payment from the attorney, my arbitration case is open, so why was my cases closed? I am not happy with the order and want it dismissed with prejudice . What I read on the JAMS site is that if they don’t pay then they close the case. Then what? I am attaching my case docket of the events as well as the orders... any suggestions would be much appreciated! @fisthardcheese @Brotherskeeper
  10. Update.. here is the documents I received today.. @fisthardcheese Everything look good? Would you recommend signing the stipulated dismissal? I received these today after JAMS lady asked me if I was dismissing the case.. which attorney was cc.. I emailed her back and stated that I have not received the documents the attorney promised so I am not making any decisions.. that was Friday.. miraculously I received my documents! Lol
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