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  1. UPDATE: So I've been worrying over this, so I went ahead and paid $20 and made an account at the Transunion website. According to the website, it says I have credit balances over $37,000. However my actual balances is around $14,000. I double checked this with all my accounts. Is it possible that this type of mistake can be made? Or is there something else going on? I plan on calling Transunion tomorrow morning. EDIT: It looks like the $37k includes my installment accounts (education loan and car loan), so that figure is accurate. However, I still can't comprehend why my score dropped when I didn't do anything that would negatively affect my score.
  2. Thank you for your response. Just some additional info: I use creditkarma, and according to that website, my credit utilization was previously 28%. After I got my credit increase, it went down to 22%. Nothing else changed, other than the hard inquiry. So the only thing that changed in between was my credit utilization dropped and there was a hard inquiry. I did not make any additional charges, so I still can't understand why my score dropped 55 points.
  3. I checked my credit score today, and to my surprise, it dropped 55 points from yesterday (Transunion and Equifax). The only thing that changed from the last time my score was generated, was that I requested a credit line increase, which created a hard inquiry. My credit line increase was granted, so my credit utilization went down. However, my credit score also dramatically dropped. I was shocked! What could have possibly caused this?
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