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  1. To make a long story short, I have lost my job 9 month ago and have not been able to get a full-time job in my field (biomedical engineer). So, I and my family have lived off from savings account, IRA, and some money made from a part-time delivery job. Now, I have got a job offer and decided to go back to my home country (Japan) in a couple of weeks and will cancel my green card which means it is very unlikely to come back to the US for living in my life time (maybe visiting for a vacation if my situation gets better in the future). One thing really bugging me is that I have some unsecured debts from my credit cards and a couple of P2P lenders (totaling about 65k from 4 different companies). None of them has been in a late payment or unpaid for the last 12 months. My questions are; 1. What legal consequences should I expect to face in Japan? Could I be sued and my salary be taken by U.S. creditors in Japan? 2. Would it be a good idea to tell the creditors that I am leaving the country permanently, but not able to pay off the debts at this time, and maybe I will try to pay some amount from Japan in the future? I would really appreciate any advice/comments!