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  1. No I didn’t all I stated was I did not have knowledge of th info in the citation
  2. Alright I since I answered the citation I received a packet from the attorney stating they investigated a believe the have the right person they also sent two letters one from Shannon Wiltgen a document specialist of Synchroney Bank and another from Brett Rouleau a certificate for the notary. I have not sent in a discovery yet but I'm assuming this is their discovery. They also sent a copy of account agreement with arbitration listed. What is my next step? Request permission for discovery anyway?
  3. It is same county, different precinct, also when I filed the answe the county clerk tried to get me to admit it was my debt
  4. I need some help with this, I received a civil citation from Midland Funding on January 17,2018, I filed an Answer stating I did not have any knowledge of the information in the citation, on the 31st. One issue is it is in the wrong Precinct. it has a statement on the debt owed, an Affidavit from Mary Pikkaraine relating to business records and 4 statements. What do I do next...file to have it moved to the right Precinct or an Amended Answer asking for Original Contract? Also Synchrony Bank has an Arbitration Clause do request that? 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Midland