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  1. Texasrocker It’s really not worth any energy to go back and forth with those two. They are irrelevant and that’s what makes them mad. You keep doing what you are doing by HELPING individuals that need it. It makes a diff when most of us are desperately trying to get answers and someone like yourself is willing to give those answers. Fishandcheese, thank you for the info. I appreciate any information that helps.
  2. Thanks so much for the info on the arbitration.  I will get to work on looking up the court rules and making sure to do everything correct step by step.  Again, thanks so much for your knowledge and sharing.

  3. I am not going to get into this ridiculousness about owing or not. Texasrocker I will text you directly. Thank you
  4. And by the way Goody Ouchless who the heck do you think you are saying crap you know nothing about yourself. You must work for them, ya know, because you are trying to ya know, get people bent out of shape ya know.
  5. Actually Goody ouchless, I do NOT owe them a thing and so therefore they KNOW nothing. I will just leave that right there period.
  6. Awesome thank you, so denial and answers to their discovery and production send that but I don’t need to ask for discovery or production from them correct? ( since they filed in district court) and for the second same as the very first case you helped me with correct? I am just getting confirmation so I can move forward. Thank you so much. I will send you messages directly if I have questions which I will.
  7. Texasrocfker, please look at this and point me in the right direction. This is different than what I had with Midland Funding. I know I need to give my answer to the court within 14 days of being served papers, which I will do. I am not sure if I should do the same thing I did with Midland Funding OR if this is just comp different. Any suggestions would be helpful. WOW, I was just now served again from Portfolio Recovery Associates for capital one as well. Well, here we go, going to have to go to court for both cases. Well, I will answer and will be in court for both I can promise that much. It is absolutely the most ridiculous thing ever. These collection agencies THINK you actually owe them money. Really?! I think not. I will fight both with everything I have. Thanks you, Portfolio Capital one.pdf Portfolio Recovery Synchrony Amazon.pdf
  8. I did everything texasrocker told me to do and I won my case against Midland Funding LLC! To top it off, the judge actually commented that I did a great job of defending myself! This was last year and I am so thankful to you texasrocker for all your help. Knowledge is power you guys, it helps to read and do your research. I recommend texasrocker every time, I couldn’t of done this without you.
  9. I am submitting to you what the judge granted. I did black out some of the stuff. If you need to see my name I can redo it. Limited Pre Trial Discovery.pdf
  10. Hey texasrocker, I have the grant I will submit it so you can see. Its a Limited Pre-Trial Discovery. Is there anything on the paper I should black out before submitting it on here.
  11. I just received call from clerk at court and she says he has granted me permission ONLY for 10 interrogatories and 10 submissions. I am about to go pick up the copy from the judge and I will submit it on here so that you can see it. Thank you
  12. Went in this morning gave the clerk my written request and now waiting to hear back from them.
  13. I went in to the court office this morning and handed the clerk my written request. She said they would give me a call after they get a response from the judge. So, I am waiting. That was around 8:15 this morning so hopefully I will hear something very soon.
  14. Thank you, I am going to court first thing to file for discovery. Hopefully, the judge signs off and approves. Thanks so much for all of your help. If I hadn't gone on this forum and found you, I would be going to court looking like an idiot, thinking I knew what I was talking about, but in reality not knowing anything. So, again I say thank you, you have been such a big help and again you are my super hero!
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