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  1. I responded with the attorney list to LawKitty in a pm. They all have a mcmcg.com email address, which resolves to Midland Credit Management website. So it looks like its a bunch of inhouse lawyers.
  2. So if I am unlikely to win, and I had a lawyer suggest I declare bankruptcy, which I do not want to do. What would be my best option for negotiating with them. If arbitration doesn't scare them off, and it costs them more money, I am likely to get a worst payment agreement. Any advice on how to proceed if I want to try and talk to them into a payment arrangement?
  3. Wow... just wow. I was just reading the whole complaint incase I wind of answering the summons myself and I am still shaking my head to complaint Items 8-10. They are a plea to how wonderful Midland is and nobody loves them or understands how good they are... poor us. 8 . Plaintiff MIDLAND FUNDING LLC owns portfolios of consumer receivables, which it attempts to collect. When working with individual consumers, Plaintiff MIDLAND FUNDING LLC and its affiliates (collectively, “Midland”) generally attempted to contact consumers like Defendant through several means, all in an effo
  4. Good Morning, My husband was served in person for a suit against me. I am trying this morning to see if I can find a local attorney to perhaps file all this for me. However I have been reading this site and this is my details. Any recommendations for what I should expect to pay an attorney to do this? I have found a Credit card agreement from Paypal which my card was branded. It does include an arbitration agreement. I have 20 days to file my reply. I was served on the 2nd. So I have 7 days down and of course the weekend is here. So I have to handle this in some way next week.