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  1. I agree @Goody_Ouchless. Seems like the only arbitration agreements that might be worth pursuing and might protect the consumer better, are the ones that state “If we prevail, we will not ask to be refunded our arbitration fees.” (Or something similar)
  2. Ah well shucks! Listen to @fisthardcheese he is a tremendous help and educator!
  3. @fisthardcheese Wouldn't this one be past the SOL since last payment was in 2012 and in CA SOL is 4 years? (Haven't looked that up, going by OP information)
  4. And I also recently had a Capital One account that was sold to Calvary.
  5. Yes, they do. I recently received a letter from Citibank telling me that they sold the account to PRA and that from now on I need to direct all questions and correspondence to them.
  6. Yea, I was always under the impression that the OC gives instruction to the CA upon assignment of the lowest amount they will take for settlement, and they work from that.
  7. I have more questions. I haven’t been through this yet, but know my day is coming. Since you settled with the attorney did you do that in front of the judge and did you have to pay all of the court fees etc on top of your settlement? And you won’t have a judgment entered against you on your credit report since you settled for dismissal with out prejudice? I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer. 😊
  8. Are they allowing you to make payments on the 150.00 or do you have to pay it all at once? Just curious how that works?
  9. This scenario seems fitting with the April 18th tax day quickly approaching! 😳
  10. Looks fake to me. An even amount and going to let you settle for less than 10%? I would do as Backfromthedebt suggested. Keep us posted! 😊
  11. I’m sorry, I am new to this also and just trying to learn the abbreviations of everything. Does BOP stand for Balance Of Payments? And when do you request that? As part of discovery phase?
  12. That is what I like most about the arbitration aspect, is that it is private and less formal. The other benefit that I can see is that in a lot of their clauses (not all) you aren’t responsible for the other parties legal fees, etc upon them prevailing, where as you would most generally be in court.
  13. @Harry Seaward Wow that is quite a story and thanks for sharing. You were so lucky with the Calvary situation! That would never happen for me lol. So, is arbitration really as stressful and tedious as it sounds?