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  1. So I showed up at court, so many default judgements, paid dismissals, and agreements for midland funding....smh I stood up when my name was called, and the courts read, she's here and she also filed motion to compel arbitration...the representative for the midland and their lawyers responded, NON-SUIT...... The judge said "ypure free to go .... The account number they are reporting and swearing in their affadavit as mine is not mine. so I guess I have to continue to fight these people to leave me alone and remove this off my report
  2. Thank you, took that part off.....on the way to mail the letter and the stamped copies of the paperwork to them....GS already updates the case....
  3. is this fine for the letter to send to the attorney? To whom it may concern, In regards to the claims you have made against me in the Tennessee General Sessions Court, Case# XXXXXXXX, I demand arbitration with JAMS in accordance with the governing credit card agreement and request dismissal of this case.
  4. The formal motion to the court is what I am speaking of.
  5. Here ya go..... 2015.... hope that helps Discover It (Near Prime).pdf Discover It (Prime ).pdf Discover It Secured Card (Near Prime).pdf
  6. No, I am saying the OC account number they listedin the affidavit and on the summons does not belong to me, nor was I a cosigner on any account. I disputed this account with the OC long ago when it first appeared on my CF, and they closed it, charged it off and didn't respond to my validation letters. Me not being to savvy at the time with any of this didn't bother pursuing it again. Then Midland started sending me collection letters, I disputed it and they wouldnt respond to my letters for validation. I kept disputing and they kept claiming verfication. I kept sending validation requests ever
  7. I just dont understand how they can just get away with making people pay for accounts that dont belong to them and the courts allow it without showing any proof.
  8. so the form is already filled out, do I file an arbitration request with my summons answer? And thanks for the help
  9. I have not filed anything, I stated that this is what I prepared and would be filing TOMORROW... I posted for help Sunday and again today
  10. Then there is just this form http://www.tncourts.gov/sites/default/files/docs/sworn_denial_-_dec_2012.pdf
  11. below is a list of my answers to the summons I received. All that was attached was the summons and an affidavit from a Delaney young with 8 bullet points of how he/she has knowledge of the account and has seen data files. Showing an account number from the original creditor listed as example xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1234 ..... I never had an account with ge capital bank walmart ending in the account number they listed as original creditor account they bought.... I am going to file my answer tomorrow with the courts and I would like any help I can get in this matter on how to handle this and some steps i
  12. Ok I found out I was being sued by Midland Funding by way of lawyer solicitations in the mail back in February. I went on the court website and was able to pull up the information of the filing, filed on Feb 9th and Issued on Feb 12th with court date set for March 22nd. I just received this summons yesterday Mar 10th. The trade name changed from Midland Funding to Midland Credit Management on my credit file, but Midland Funding is suing me as successor in interest to GE Capital Retail Bank/Walmart. When I disputed the debt with GE Capital Retail Bank/Walmart, they reported account opened in 20