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  1. Thanks. I think at this point. I am going to take the chance and see what they do. IDK if they would sell that debt to some other person because the collection agency hasn't bothered to contact me. But, let them come back and let's see what happens then. I want to thank everyone here who posted in this thread. I have a much clear picture than before on how the process works and how to handle it. Credit goes to this forum and you all.
  2. First up. Thank you, All, for posting in this thread. I get tons of useful information from this forum. I do not see the collection currently on my account. So I did try to pull my previous report. What I see is Collection Agency : Agency Name Original Creditor : GYM Name here Status : Open Opened Date : MMM DD, YYY Closed Date : -- Responsibility : Individual Balance : $XXX High Balance : $XXX Remarks : Account information disputed by consumer meets FCRA requirements Creditor Contact Details: CA Details I assume my debt is still not sold. So do I ask my gym to agree to "Pay for Delete"?. Even though it doesn't reflect on my account still. My guess is those guys will agree if I tell them I will give the money because they may know its otherwise difficult for them to collect. But I can only speculate, it can go totally south for me too. I remember these guys had some other financial services taking care of their billing kinds of stuff. So no idea who owns this account even though it shows the gym name in the report. Also, my gym is notorious for these cancellation frauds, I just read about others complaining about it as well in Google reviews. I believe they try to hire CA once but may not pursue because more often they see a lot of people walking out because the gym is not good. They only benefit from operating for long hours which is why I signed up as well. And I assume, in each cancellation case, they are doing what they exactly did to me. Perhaps 50/50 suffer this. So there will be a lot of cancellations cases that they may have to follow up. Because my gym is OC, Can I go hold their collars and ask why they did this. When I clearly have emails from their manager that I have requested for cancellation well in advance? Moreover, I clearly told my CA that I will not pay them a dime because I was reluctant due to having all the proofs that are required. They said they would contact the gym and get back. They never did. I haven't even received one phone call from anybody after that. Is it safe to rest this in peace and wait till the ghost comes back for the haunting?
  3. 1) Yes, There was a contract. 2) Cancellation terms are 30 days prior notice. It was a sketchy one. During sign up, I paid the first and the last. Let's say I start in Jan, I have to submit the cancellation request in Jan before Feb billing cycle starts. So you will end up paying Feb, then March will also be active because you already paid first and last month. It's an absurd policy, which I overlooked when I signed the contract. Good lesson for me to read the contracts thoroughly in the future. 3) Nope, no cancellation fee but that 30 days notice is a tricky one by itself. 4) Yes, the contract said. No 30 days notice required for relocation. I was in CT and traveling back and forth to NJ. This was just a gym that I joined for time being or whenever I am here. I gave the proof well before the next billing cycle and requested for cancellation in the event of relocation. 5) I honestly don't know who owns the account, the debt was reported by the collection agency, not the gym. When I had a dialogue with the collection agency, I told them I will go down to the gym in person and will talk to the manager but the CA was saying that my gym is no longer responsible for this and they are the ones I should deal with. So I don't know If I still have to go and have a word with my Gym/CA.
  4. I will start off by seeking your 2 cents on below matter. I will be very grateful for your help and thanks in advance. I requested for my gym membership to be canceled but they continued to charge me. I blocked my card and disputed transaction with my bank who ruled in my favor and credited the amount back to my account. My gym was still trying to charge me every month, I went down in person to the gym, spoke to the manager and showed the proof of cancellation who then sent email to the billing department to stop charging. I thought it was all over, only to find a collection on my credit report. Luckily it's not reported on all three, but just one. Long story short, I got in touch with the collection agency and sent the proof of cancellation(emails from the gym). They were supposed to check with my gym but they never got back and I never bothered to check again. Now, I disputed it to my credit reporting agency who after a month wait, ruled in my favor. Most likely because the collection agency did respond in the time provided. The collection was taken off my account now. P.S: Even though I feel morally / legally I don't owe these guys any money, the debt is only a couple of hundred dollars and I would just pay it off and get over with it than going through this hassle of credit repair which may cost me more than paying off the collection anyway. Let alone any bag of worms this debt can create later on because I may change my address if I relocate to another state and I may not get any physical mail which may go unnoticed. I don't know if they sue or take this legally. I would definitely fight back If I get to know but that is something I want to avoid.