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  1. I got called a mental health center last year when I got depressed. The worker who answered the phone was empathetic. I went in to talk with her for about one hour. She referred me to another provider in another town who I decided I liked. I stopped at the billing office on my way out of their building like I was supposed to. My understanding was that I should not be concerned about the cost and that it was most likely on a sliding scale. I had no insurance. Six months later, I got a bill from them out of nowhere and they were asking for $340 for only one hour of work. This was like a slap in the face. I went to visit their billing office to see if there had been a mistake and there had not been. If counselors are asking for $340 per hour, I'm staying away from them. Do they really have the right to charge this much? Is the ongoing expense of their building and business really worth charging clients more than some of them can make in a week? Thankfully, I only saw them one time.
  2. I had an new patient exam in a surgery clinic to see if I liked them. They seemed nice, all except the legal documents they gave to me. They threatened a cancellation fee adding up to 50% of the cost of sugery (a little over five-thousand dolloars) for cancelling less than two weeks prior to the surgery date. I asked them what if I had to cancel due to accident or illness and they answered that I would need to at least reimburse them for the cost of anesthesia which they said would cost between $1700 to $2500. I feel really sorry for people who don't have the money for this and run into problems beyond their control. The last time I cancelled surgery in another office, they did not charge me and even gave back the $500 retaining fee although I had to wait for over a year. In comparison, this threat of a cancellation fee between $1700 to $5000 seems devious. Is this ethical and is it even legal?