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  1. Thank you so much for all the help. I think I've got my motion to compel almost done, but my local court wants me to list the local court rule that I'm using as basis for the motion. The only thing I could find is "Agreed Alternate Dispute Resolution", but it doesn't have ANY explanation as to what it entails, and I'm worried that using that rule would mean that the other party has to agree to the arbitration BEFORE I file the motion. Or is the arbitration clause in the credit account agreement enough to say they have already agreed to it (which I have included quotes of in my motion)?
  2. And where could I find information on how to do that? I am going to do a Google search, but in case that doesn't work out in my favor, any info would be appreciated.
  3. It seems the debt companies have gotten a little smarter and started laying out their claims better in summons. I received one today for a court date in April, so I have time to try to figure this out. They did attach an Affidavit of Indebtedness and Ownership of Account (see attached). My question is, does the information contained in it fulfill the necessary "bill of sale" requirements? And is there anything else I could do to shut them down? They did not file this lawsuit until I disputed the debt on my credit report, so I'm thinking this is a lawsuit of opportunity.
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