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  1. That's good to know I guess.
  2. @CreditInfoAdmin That would be good. I used them because I thought you all endorsed them. They were awful. I think i might file a complaint with the feds they were so bad. I have no confidence in them. When you complain, all they tell you is platitudes. You never get in tough with anyone who sounds like they know what's going on.
  3. I know this will get removed, but Lexington law is a waste of money. Literally all they did was lower my credit score. They send out 3 letters a month, to each agency for over $100. I have no confidence they watch reporting deadlines. I have no confidence in what they do.
  4. @seeUincourt If you are filing another motion, you need to withdraw the previous motion, and make sure you send the withdraw motion to the plaintiff. 20% is very low for a settlement. 40% seems to be sort of standard. Sometimes you get lucky with OCs. If you are having a lot of trouble, consider doing a motion for extension of time. State that you are a pro se defendant, and you need time to explore attorneys. IDK your states laws, but doing certain motions will screw up your ability to use other motions. Look up your state's "bench rules" /trial rules. Also with your f
  5. Download all the forms. There are several for sending to credit agencies of verifying debt!
  6. @BV80 Thanks for the advice. I would agree that OC debt is a little different. However, I am pretty upset at Chase. I honestly might pay more just to punish them through abirtration Maybe cooler heads will prevail though. @BackFromTheDebt Thanks for the thoughtful advice. I am trying to buy a home. I am in a unfortunate situation where I have the money, but still have bad debts and not the best credit score. I am going to do another cleanup campaign on the credit reports. Then take it from there. I still have a major debt with portfolio recovery that I am really worried
  7. Why do you not think it will change SOL? State laws apply to residents of the state. There are several states with 3 year SOL.
  8. I am considering it. I was pretty pissed off at them, and I don't want to reward them for the BS. These Debts are 3 years old. I am considering moving to a state that would put them outside SOL. Being sued for $668 seems unlikely IMO. The chase thing is really at the bottom of the priority list for settlements.
  9. Yes. Now was that so hard? I am not ignoring any point regarding legality. Another assumption gramps. unfortunately, it is not. I over extended on a business deal that went south in 2016. That put me into a default situation on a lot of debt. The past two years I have settled close to 20,000 in debt. Been served 2 complaints. Settled out of court on 2 cases. Sued and won two cases. One closed out nearly 5k in debt. The other one got me $1,000. I am nearly out of the woods on credit debt. I have one big one left with portfolio recovery. They are some real bastards.
  10. Ok, yes. I got your point about "bank records". the "misunderstanding" part is in regards to Which, is the entire point. Some slimy weasel over at Chase tried to pull a fast one on me, and Chase decided to back them up. You can all choose to not believe me if you want.
  11. How long have you been sitting up on a high horse lecturing people? You keep saying these things that require loads of assumptions. Guess what, your assumptions are wrong, and they make you look like an a$$. I am not trying to play the "victim card". Your advice is not very good either. It goes against my personal experience, and my attorneys advice. Debt collectors consistently mess with people. They consistently break the law. - And, yes, Chase did attempt to deceive me for $100*. Debt collectors are often overloaded with work and inept. You sound r
  12. Ok, well I am not calling the phone call bank records. The falsified notes regarding the phone call, I am calling "bank records" - because that's what the chase employee referred to them as. You seem to have fundamental misunderstanding regarding what I have said. The reason I am upset is because I called, and we agreed to the terms of 30%. Then they sent my a settlement for 40%.
  13. @Harry Seaward Yeah Harry? Back in your day I bet you found a job with a firm handshake and looking the boss in the eye. I find it pretty amazing the amount of people who defend a bank that that lies, deceives, and falsifies records. To the people telling me to settle. My attorneys advice has been pretty consistent: to wait until being served a complaint to settle.