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  1. Ohhh, darn. It looks like then I won't be trying to get that reversed then. Default and Summary as different... makes sense. Why don't these judgements show on my credit report?
  2. Hello, board. I am in the library now, multitasking and choosing to not take my judgement against Midland lying down. It seems they do in fact have no contract with me, my original contract was with another company. This site is giving me a lot of the ammunition I will use: My Judgement was entered less than one year ago and it is in New Jersey. I will cite NJ Court Rule 4:50-1, sections (a),(b)and (c) as the reason for the Motion To Vacate. They obtained Summary Judgement, but is not the way to use against Default the same? I do not know. This is in the Special Civil part, so i don't think there is a fee to bring this motion and action. As stated, this Judgement was entered less than one year ago. I am drafting all the forms now. I will include a Request for Production (as the site says) and also argue that Midland was not the Holder In Due Course when it bought my defaulted debt; since a new Answer is required. I cannot think of any counterclaims to put. Any tips or info? I still have some time to file, so I can always amend what I am doing? Thank you! also: