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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for your help I appreciate it. Since this is my largest debt in collections and I dont plan on doing this again (lets hope). I think I may just do what you suggest above and move on. My question though is for getting it scrubbed from my credit report.. What verbage is best to get them to 'remove it' rather than mark it as paid which I hear isnt ideal since its still on there? Any way I can get it removed so that it can improve my credit score? Thanks.
  2. womp womp. well i had planned to send a verification letter today and then go from there... have not been answering their calls. Some of the letters i received before said that I could settle for around 40% less than the full amount but id rather have it lower. Just not sure whats best to do. so complicated! thanks for your help.
  3. Oh man. Well thats certainly confusing. I tried looking that up but can't really find anything that I can understand nor that seems useful regarding this. The SOL in washington is 6 years which means theyre trying to get me for that since it wouldnt end until 2019 technically. I became a resident of washington in 2016 so theres that. I will start with sending the letter that fisthard cheese mentioned above to buy myself some time and follow those steps. Not really sure what else to do since thisis my first time handling something like this. Thanks.
  4. Last payment was in mid-2013 and I moved to Seattle in mid-2015 so I guess not unfortunately.
  5. Gotcha ! Based on texas I believe its correct. Either way I will be moving forward with all the documents you mentioned. thanks !!!
  6. Thank you so much ! I really appreciate your help. Will be sending that first letter today and will be looping back here as it goes on. They have been calling me everyday... very good to know that my SOL for this one expires in August.. Thanks, Jaclyn
  7. The original creditor is GE Capital retail bank. It was like a banana republic card. Are there letter templates for something like that. Also would that mean I’m telling them I’m getting a lawyer ?
  8. I’m sorry I don’t understand what Cap1 state or JAMS means. Is there an acronym list? Thanks !
  9. It says on this letter they sent me that the “chargeoff date” is 12/23/2013 and the last payment date was 8/28/2013. It went unpaid because I lost my job then I just didn’t ever start paying it because other bills took priority. I moved to WA state almost three years ago from Texas which is where the debt originated.
  10. Hi. First time posting here. I had found another thread about this but it was rather old and it didn’t help me since I didn’t get the acronyms and I’m pretty inexperienced. Today I got a pre-legal notification from midland credit management about an old cc acct that has gone unpaid since 2013. It says that they’ve made several attempts to reach me which is true they call and send me letter that I always ignore, and that they’re considering forwarding my account to an attorney. Now this account is only a little over $500. Would they really sue me for that ? Also, I recently moved and this