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  1. CMRRR? Certified mail but what is the RRR. I do this tommorow and include it with the response to their Financial qestionare papers. How would this no calls to work notice be worded? Does it need to be notorized or on his job companies letterhead or just certified and sent by us? Ps... You're an angel for giving your time to reply to me. I simply can not express my gratitude to you.
  2. I'll try to look up the records for bexar county Tx online and never found a listing. I will try again. The OC is Synchrony bank, it was just another bad credit card account of which we have many. I do have a Bankruptsy question maybe you know. The mailing matrix list, do you know if I am supposed to add the few good "in standing" creditors we still have to the Bk filings if I decide to file ProSe? Can I snail mail my Bk papers in one big Packet with a money order for the Clerk? Do I need to file absolutely all of the federal forms with the 100 numbers? That a huge amount of forms! It's ok if you can't answer my Bk questions. I understand all districts have different rules. Thanks yet again.
  3. The letter is only to "Dear Mark" but I have bad accounts too with MCN. But this is only addressed to my husband. On the top of the question form it says: The purpose of this Financial Disclosure Form is to tell the JUDGMENT CREDITOR (bold text) what money and property you have which may be used to pay the judgment the creditor obtained against you in the lawsuit. It also allows you to tell the creditor that some or all of your property or money is exempt., which means that it cannot be taken to pay the judgment. If you need more space continue your answer on the back of the form or attach more sheets if necessary. If you have questions about this form contactbout office at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or contact an attorney. The form asks questions like: Judgment debtor name, address, DOB, Employer and emplorer phone, wage amounts, how often paid, bank accounts, stocks,bonds,securities, own home? Motor vehicles, have any cash or travelers checks, household goods, jewelry, coin or stamp collections,firearms,any property being sold by deed or contract, business equipment and tools worth more than $1000, inventory, accounts receivable /claims, are you an owner or partner in any business not listed, any other property? Then their are blank spaces to fill more in about property and possessions, their value and location. At the bottom where you sign and date, it states: The above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. *To me the form is too wordy at the beginning and so bland and unprofessional in apperance, I get the feeling it's just more mcm collection noise. Their is no mention of a supeona in the cover letter, only an internal account number and a "Court File Number" of 11 digits. The cover letter has a bold blue boxvon top that says in huge type" A Judgment has been entered against you" **Clydesmom, thank you so much for your time. And anyone helping out too!
  4. The Mcm unmarked envelope letter says" On Feb 04 a judgment was entered against you in the amount of 4,000.00. We have the right to inquire regarding the existance and location of assets, and your ability to satisify the judgment. Complete the enclosed "Financial Disclosure Form"and send your response via email to Alternately, you may mail this form to P. O. Box Box2122 Warren, MI 48090 If you wish to resolve this matter voluntarily, it's not too late. Call (XXX)xxx-xxxx if you would like to discuss one of the paynent optiond listed below. * Thats the letter word for word. The 2 question pages say nothing more than, "Financial Discovery Form". Even this form is bland, no stamps, marks, or manmade marks. *My husband is reluctant to answer questions about his job, for fear of MCM robo calling his job and getting him fired.
  5. Hello, I'm new here. Short story to explain what I am wondering. I've been out of work, need back surgery, 59 yr old female, zero income. Husband lost his good 16 yr. High paying job. Now he works hard labor at $11 hour. We own one paid off house, one van that will pay off in Sept 2018. Once our income went to hades, we were only able to pay utilities and eat(also joined a food bank. ). It's bad, real bad. All of our unsecured credit accounts went sour. We both owe 3 or 4 to Midland and some other creditors. Midland/MCM put a judgment againt me and we have several others too. I'm on oxygen too(as needed)so going downtown to fight creditors was impossible, I cant afford portable O2, no insurance, no $ for deductable either. My home is paid off and hudband gets his payroll onto a debit card. We don't care if creditors lein on the house as we plan to die here and not sell. I understand Texas is great at protections for debtors but I am wondering... Will the creditors still send a Sheriff out to take things? Will they let me know in advance? Will they come at night? The furnishings I have are crappy, garage sale bought stuff. I have sold everything off over the past 3 years to pay for doctor bills and medicines for my back. If a sheriff can come, how do I claim the few things I would like to claim as heirloom? I also have a pistol from my deceased Dad i would like to keep. Does the sherrif bring a truck and load it? I and my husband can not move boxes or dig through closets anymore. The van sidevand back doors do not open anymore, broken. What can I expect? We never could do anything to defend ourselves. We might try bankruptsy in a few months but even that is hard to budget. Thanks if anyone can tell me the worst to possibly happen, so we can mentally prepare for any hammers to fall on us. Mrs. JoL Forgot to add one more question, please: Midland sent a bland unmarked envelope, didnt even show their address, so it got put on the table, just found it today. It is some questions about jobs, banks, ect, is this a legal discovery letter? Am i forced to answer it? I was thinking it was just bs mail since it did not come certified. I thought it had to be signed for to be legal in Texas.What if I ignore it?