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  1. Hi Just got back from my hearing and have some grim news. The judge ruled in favor of the Plaintiff and now I have to pay in full along with " future interest at the rate allowed by law, and future cost along with court cost" I followed the advice given her by everyone who posted and am thankful that I was at least able to put up a semblance of a fight. I'll go through step by step as followed: - I met with the JDB and told her that I'm going to go with arbitration and handed her my MTC. - We go through roll call and I present my case to the judge. I give him my
  2. - So even If I denied all claims the Cardholder Agreement that the JDB is still valid to use? - So just to make sure. I'm not going to need an affidavit because I've omitted my Cardholder's Agreement and will be using the JDE's as my evidence? Thanks for the quick reply @fisthardcheese
  3. - You all have been of tremendous help. Thank you all so much seriously! - I'm still waiting for my hearing date but until then I have a draft of my Motion to Compel to Arbitration and would like for anyone and all to review it. I'm open to constructive criticism on the draft and willing to make changes if it makes an improvement. - Considering my Original Cardholder's Agreement. The first time I missed a payment and the card went into default was of 2012 and the agreement is still under GE Capital. So why have the JDE used a Exhibit 3 (Synchrony Cardholder
  4. Hey all, - Been gone for a bit doing some reading on this site and trying to gain a bit more knowledge of the situation that I'm in. - I filed my answers this past Monday (23rd of April) and am currently waiting on the mail that'll notify me of my hearing date. On my answer, I denied all claims with the exception of the first one which listed my address and the county I'm eligible to be served in. I have a question about the answer that I filed. By denying all claims other than the first one, does my option to Motion to Compel get thrown out due to denying the debt in
  5. - I was not served in person a family member of mine was. I'm going to assume it was on the 21st just to be on the safe side but there are two dates listed on the first page of the packet that I've included in the post. - The pages following the Bill of Sale lists my name and address along with the amount owed and accrued interest. Other than that, everything else I'm not 100% sure. The listed account number are all the same with the other exhibits, but the thing is it only lists the last four digits of the account number and the first 6 or 7 numbers are blanked out similar to
  6. They are suing in the correct court. I moved not too far away from home and live in the same county so unfortunately filing a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction is not an option. Arbitration seems like the best route vs going ahead and just paying for the debt. What I'm unsure of is how long the process would take to get done otherwise. If I chose to go with Arbitration should I go ahead a file a deny of all claims from the plaintiff? I want to make sure so that if I do go that route I don't make any irreversible mistakes. Thanks for taking the time to look and respo
  7. Background Moved out on my own about two years back. I had assumed all of my important mail was forwarded to my new address. To my shock, after a visit to my old residence, a member of my family hands me a packet of papers informing me that I'm being sued. This totally sucks... I'm lost and unsure of what steps I need to take to ensure I can resolve this. I've never been sued before so this a bit daunting to me. I have been reading a few forums on here and while it has been helpful I must say the information overload is very real and overwhelming. If anyone one has any advi