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  1. Hello, I currently have 3 credit cards ( I had my BK 13 discharged in February of 2016 ) Capital One - Secured Credit - $550 limit Fire Stone - $900 limit Milestone Credit - $300 limit I make around 80k a year, should I apply for new credit cards so my credit score can get better and credit card companies can trust me? Which cards you suggest? Here are my credit scores
  2. Really? There was some point that I did not qualify for the chapter 7 and was looking at the chapter 13 but my lawyer was super nice, actually he was amazing and we figured it out to go 7. Right now, I am just working with (deleted) and I even got some new cc letters / offers in the mail. Kelliden - good luck to you, it was a good decision!
  3. Very nice, I remember first time seeing a bk laywer, it was super stresful, and I only had $20 on me to start the process. Then made more payments and finally filed for BK too. All the phone calls has stopped. 341 - I was super stressed, adding to that before I entered the room I could not see my lawyer (the one I did everything with) because an other lawyer was taking care of 341 but it was pretty quick. Answered all questions honestly and it now is behind me. I had my discharge this February, so next February I should be able to buy a house again right? for FHA loan you need 2 year