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  1. My name is Vanessa Martinez. I am not going to continue to check this BS. So you can email me personally at  I have a simple question. One I'm sure even you can answer.. How the hell are you allowed to write such ludicrousness?! My brother was out with a group of friends, all male might I add celebrating his 21st birthday. He was freshly home from being honorably discharged from the army. He was a faithful husband and a dedicated father! Freddie Alaniz had shown up to the club after being banned previously for aggressive behavior. At 12:30 a.m after threatening an employee, he entered the club started an argument with a friend of my brothers! When my brother came back to his group (his hands were full at the time with drinks for everyone) he mentioned how "everyone was there to have a good time". Freddie then stabbed MY brother in his abdomen, hitting his main aorta at 1 a.m. Freddie was arrested for assault and bonded out without hesitation since he was already wanted for sexual assault of a child. After my brother passed Freddie was arrested again for murder. He got his bond reduced due to a sob story told by his sister. He posted bail again! He went on the run this entire time!!!!!! Just last month after 12 years he was caught in Cancun, Mexico. We've waited to get some type of justice and I really cannot believe I stumbled across the garbage you've written and had the audacity to comment repeatedly to other incompetent, ill advised, zero fact having neanderthals. Like I've said before you can email me personally IF you care to comment further.