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  1. Hi @lawkitty.

    I moved to Florida from Texas almost 4 years ago. Tried to keep up with payments on Cap 1 card but couldn't. Asked if they could lower % rate due to hardship and they refused.  Last pmt was 6/2015.  

    Last year got notice from PRA that they have the loan. Calls started. I tried to settle for less and they refused even when I explained I was not working (had to quit because position was deleted and was being put in position that would aggravate my neck injury...herniated discs and spurs).

    I told them to stop calling me. A female called me the very next day. After telling her the same thing she even stated she saw the no call on my file.

    I sent validation letter and they replied with basic acct info and amt.

    Irma came along, then family emergency, then kicked husband (of 1.5 years) out, and now right back to where I was after horrible divorce several years ago. 

    Started getting solicitations from mediators stating I am being sued by PRA. Checked with clerk and I am. It was filed mid March, court date is beginning of May, I have not been served.

    I am broke. Husband lied about finances, family etc and left me holding bag on bills and credit card he had in my name.

    What should I Do? Should I go pull lawsuit and serve myself? Should I try and settle prior (no $ to do so)? Can I countere sue for that phone call (but I do not have the date and time...They should?)? Should I ask for arbitration? And when/how?




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